Is smoking harmful dog health?

u=1293267276,1239065619&fm=26&gp=0.jpg The dog who likes to smoke is noted, but smoking is not only harmful to others and is harmful to the dog’s dog. The recent veterinary study in the United States has confirmed that the second-hand smoke will increase the probability of carcinoma cancer such as the cat and dog. Veterinary practitioners explain, because they have habits of happiness, which will pick the tobacco carcinogens from air from the air to the mouth.

A study team study in the US Tafuce Veterinary School found that compared with cats in smoke-free families, there is a cat-like cell carcinoma that flooded in the second-hand smoke environment. The proportion is obviously high. Veterinary practitioners explain that cats are suspended by second-hand smoke because they have habits of hair, which will pick the tobacco carcinogens from the air from the air to the oral cavity.

The study of Colorado State University found that dogs living in the second-hand smoke environment have risen. Typically, dogs with nasla cancer have lived for one year. The study also found that pet birds are also victims of second-hand smoke. Because bird respiratory systems are very sensitive to any contaminants in the air, in the second-hand smoke environment, they are more likely to suffer from pneumonia or lung cancer.

There are pets in the family not only harmful to family children, but also very harm to pets. Although pets can stand silently for second-hand smoke, second-hand smoke can easily lead to pets with cancer. Remind the owner as much as possible from family and pets when smoking.

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