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Pig Blue Ear Disease

It is also called pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, which is a sow infectious disease caused by pig breeding and respiratory syndrome viruses and piglets.

From the definition of we can understand, the disease mainly causes the breeding disorder of pregnant sows and the respiratory disorder of piglets.

pig breeding and respiratory syndrome belong to arterial inflammatory viruses, can infringe in the umbilical artery of pregnant sows, causing abortion, can also infringe the pulmonary artery of weaning pigs, causing pulmonary edema, and thereby causing local blood microcirculation No smooth, “blue ear” phenomenon.

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Pig fever is an acute, thermal, contact infectious disease caused by swine fever viruses, and diseases often have systemic disasters, limbs. There is obvious bleeding point in the belly, and the pressure is not faded. It can be seen that each substantial organ diffusely bleeding. With the blind sausage, the colon appears “button ulcer” is typical symptoms. The disease is blushing in the past. .

The difference from blue ear disease is:

1, blue ear disease often occurs blood stasis, swine fever is bleeding;

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2. Blue-ear sick pigs often accompany the symptoms of gasping, and there is no such phenomenon.

The red body

is a parasitic disease caused by the red blood cells or plasma of the red cell body from the red blood cells or plasma, and the full body of the pig is yellow, often There is jaundice anemia, accompanied by high fever, there is a blue phenomenon of ear, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between swine fever, and pathological examination helps further discrimination.

The ear blue or purple is clinically called hair, this is due to the incomplete cardiopulmonary functionOr blood circulation disorder, pathological changes of body surface or periphery.

The pigs who have sepsis, poisonous blood, and some diseases may have a blue-blue phenomenon, such as sub-pigs, streptococcal infections, piglets and so on.

In the actual situation, the treatment of pig blue ear disease is mainly prevention, and many pig farms are mainly vaccinated, but studies have shown that the blue-ear virus is extremely easy to change, and immunotoxic strains are not The model may cause more harm to the pig farm, so there are also many pig farms to prevent and treat biological agents such as Chinese herbal or immune serum.

The swine fever virus is relatively stable, and it is not easy to change. It is now commonly used to receive a good immunization effect. Regarding the red body, it can be prevented and treated with Danyi cycloin, sulfama, and doing a good job of mosquito flies and sanitary disinfection work, which can reduce the occurrence of the disease.

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