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The reserve rabbit is also known as the bran rabbit, refers to a young rabbit that is allowed to be used in the 3rd month-old to initial phase. The rabbit digestive system has been fully completed, strong in appetite, high feeding, high in digestive utilization, strong physical fitness, strong resistance, fast growth, especially muscle and bones, sex, Dress or proximity maturation. Some farmers believe that the rabbits during this period have been nor to be nor to be born, do not love to die, and management work is not important. This view is wrong. A rabbit is very bad, and it is largely cultivated and selected in the backup period. The reserve period is the observation period and the test period. In general, finally decided to leave 1 rabbit, and the reserve rabbit needs to be selected 3 or more. Do not pay attention to the management of the rear bare rabbit, it is difficult to select excellent rabbits. The main points of the reserve rabbit feeding management are controlled weight, guarantee physical fitness, and achieve the standard of rabbit.
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