Is the Saint Bernard dog smart?

Saint Bernard is a super-large dog, a huge body shape makes many people think that it is fierce and brutal, and the St. Bernard is still very warm, it is easy to close pet dog. In the rankings of dog IQ, Saint Bernard is ranked sixty-fifth. From this ranking, its IQ seems to be not too high, so someone will think it is a not smart dog. However, what is the truth? Let’s take a look. u=2111309842,3530184364&fm=26&gp=0.jpg
Baidu enables the relevant information about the Saint Bernard, knowing this is a very old dog variety. The most likely one is that the St. Bernard is a 1-2 century AD, and the Roman army will bring a huge Asian dog Moro (also to Tibet)) to Switzerland, with a local dog hybridization The descendants that have been breed later.

In the subsequent century, the Saint Bernard is widely acquired in the farm, the Dairy farm in the Alps. It protects the family, ranch safety, grazing and trailer for the owner. With the development of the times, the Saint Bernard dog is more and more people, and in 1707, it saved the dangerous tourists in St. Bernard, which made its reputation, of course, before this, the Bernard dog is already very Well-known.

The St. Bernard in life is very smart, a police, and a very responsible dog. Although a huge body shape makes many people, it is kind, and it is kind, and the owner is loyal to the child. It is also very tolerant to the child. Of course, it should be smart, if you don’t, how can you give the owner to watch home care, grazing trailers.

Of course, any kind of dog is raided from wild slowly to become a pet dog, and some wildness will still be retained in the dog’s bones. So, in the process of gaining in large dogs such as Sheng Bona, as the owner should scientifically, strict training, guide St. Bernard to develop good habits and temper character, let it be with your family and harmony Get along.

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