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Fish hemorrhagic diseases refers to a kind of fir disease characterized by bleeding caused by pathogenic factors, the most harmful species in freshwater, the most widely increasing, the highest incidence is the largest, and the economic losses are also the largest. . The pathogenic factors of fish hemorrhagic diseases include a variety of factors such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, stress and drug poisoning. Although hemorrhage caused by parasites is relatively low, it is not negligible.

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Spring, autumnal festival, and early summer, the summer and autumn handover period is the high season of hemorrhagic disease caused by parasites. Because when the temperature is between 26 degrees to 32 degrees, the aquaculture environment in 22 degrees to 28 degrees is the best environment of parasites reproduction. For example, an anchor header, the reproductive speed is the fastest in the water temperature of 25 to 33 degrees, and when the water temperature exceeds 33 degrees, it will suppress its reproductive speed.

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Parasitate in a worm in the body of the fish, such as anchor head, when it drilled into the fish into the fish, it will cause the fish’s scales to rupture, the skin muscle tissue is inflammation, forming green beans or peas Congestion, although it is not necessarily lethal, but also affects the growth and development of fish. In addition, when parasites go back from fish, the wounds after biting are easy to infect the pathogens, causing inflammatory redness, while bacteria enters blood through the wound, will cause sepsis to cause fish death. Many farmers have a bleeding point in the flowers, most of which are bleeding (sepsis) caused by parasite (sepsis), and common parasites are anchor heads, Chinese 鳋, refers to ringworms. In the treatment of the fish “bleeding” (sepsis “(sepsis) caused by the parasite, it is recommended to use a first-driven insect, re-antibacterial, and post-health.


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2018-10-9 13:56 Upload Insects with eucalyptus essential oils Longchang Le Chang, 100 grams of music, 300-400 kg, continuously for 7-10 days. The antibacterial drug is used in 2-3 days after deworming to prevent parasitic worms from being infected by the wound. After the fish is healthy, it is recommended to give the fish mixed in the fish mixture, bile acid, etc., enhance the immunity of the fish, promote the growth of the fish. Long Changle Chang, made of small leafy eucalyptus essential oil imported by Australia, rich in natural antibiotic active ingredients – 1,8-eucalyptus, through its strong fat-soluble damage to parasitic biofilm (cell membrane, nucleus) Membrane, etc.) The structure is reached to reach the insectomy effect. For the anchor head, Chinese 鳋, refers to ringworms, wheelworms, etc., no need to find different products for different parasites. In addition, the ingredients of eucalyptus essential oil are safe and non-toxic, easy to biodegradation, no damage to the aquatic animals, does not affect feeding and growth, non-pollution, and destroy water quality, no drug residue and drug resistance. During the process of raising the fish, each month will be smooth in the mixed part of the mix, 3-5 days each time, 100 grams of music can be mixed with 300-400 kg feed, which can effectively prevent the wheelworm, spore insects, and the anchor head. Refers to the occurrence of aquatic oriented parasites such as ring insects, three-generations, and prevents injury and death. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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