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Lack of vitamin or calcium phosphorus

Generally, there are more appearances around 10 days, generally due to insufficient activity, a chicken is only, scallop, or paralyzed, The femoral head is easy to break. This disease is not common in the current broiler.

Combined with the actual production of diseases that can cause chicken diarrhea, they can cause broilers, such as intestinal toxic syndrome, viral arthritis, gout, slidiocytocyla, cocci, coccidi, coccidi, coccidi disease, new city disease .

Diarrhea, the trimmutine is almost long-term accompanying meat chicken, causing the chicken only malnous, the legs are soft and unable to stand.

The main pathogenesis is the disease infection, feed hidden mold, harmful gas in the house, the presence of ventilation, immunosuppression, etc., solve the meat chicken intestinal diarrhea, the problem cannot be simply relying on antibiotics.

Ma Likha disease

Most of the boy-3 months old chicken, but the chicken in 1 month – 18 months will be onset. When there is a neuromeal Mulek, the diseased chicken begins to walk unstable, gradually evolving to one or both sides of legs, and can’t afford it seriously.
Typical symptoms are presented legs forward, and the one-legged “big sputum” posture. The diseased chicken muscle atrophy, and the paw is more curved.

Disease chickens have neurological symptoms at 1 week -2 week old, initially expressed as slow action. Then, the chick is not willing to move on his own 跗 joint, or there is a side or double leg paralysis, sometimes on the leg, wings, and the head can be seen in the head. Correasy changes are not obvious, individual chickens have a small gray area.

There is no effective treatment for this disease to isolate the sick chickens, give a comfortable environment and sufficient diet, pay attention to disinfection.

Intestinal Toxic Syndrome

The occurrence of intestine, is easy to be amazed, the two legs are embarrassed, they are not moving, the head is big, the head tremble is not The legs cannot stand, and the toxins are absorbed by broilers, causing paralysis. It seems that people drink more than drinking, the appetite is reduced, fried, strictThe heavy-conditioned manure is white, no pep, and there is an uncovered feed in the feces. The individual has a “tomato” as casual, and “fish intestines” like a manure, the chicken is only crazy running, scream, 痪And die. The causes of the disease are more common in viral infections, Wussemais, small piles, and mold toxins. Treatment can be used in the intestinal sausage, 800 pounds against water, and the treatment of enteritis is very good.

Escherichia coli (arthritis)

broiler generally sends more chicks or later with E. coli sepsis, chicksopause, and the cause of chickens, incubation pollution, etc. Very big relationship, the onset of chicks show the feathers, afraid of cold tissue, thin, closer to the group; white stools around the dish, contaminated white feces around the anus; two wings, paralysis swelling, difficult to stand up. In many cases, this situation will happen in single-legged walking and Salmonella. The symptoms of bags in the later stage, and the joint barriers are placed in the middle of the white-colored rice soup. At this time, I can use the United States to cooperate with Amoxicillin, specialize in solving E. coli, and the internal clothes are absorbed quickly, and quickly eliminate liverbagitis.

Slip-liquid bladder 原 原

Disease chicken is infected joint, claw cushion swelling, limp, often accompanied by chest cyst, diet decline. Anatomically visible diagonal joint has viscous cheese white exudates. Mildew, feed nutrition, and environmental conditions, etc. can be aggravated.

The disease can be propagated vertically, and the seed chickens should be quarantined, vaccinated. At the same time, pay attention to improving the level of feeding, and the slider of the egg chicken is also more, paying attention to the treatment. Slip-liquid bladder is used in conjunction with Xin Nwei, and can cure 3 to 4 days.

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Disease chickens show swelling, calf tendon swelling, some break, accompanied by subcutaneous bleeding.

The cut-inspection joint or elbow joint contains yellow or bloody seepage, preventing viral arthritis in front of the seed chicken.Inactivation of vaccines, there is no effective treatment after the onset, it is recommended to prevention.

Staphylococcus infection (arthritis)

Certain diseases or human factors are incentives of Staphylococcus disease, such as thorns immunity, trauma, and feeding management Whether it will wait.

The disease is swollen, is a purple or purple black, some break, and form a black crust, some of the chickens have a tumor, and the foot is large.
Some chickens are gangrene, dry off, and have a slurry in an anatomical joint capsule, or yellow purulent or slurry oozel.

In fact, in the past two years, the sloppicius of the slide in the epithelium found in the two years can be purified to Staphylococcus.

Newcastle disease

There will be leg paralysis after the chicken is sick, and the lame is a starry shape.

The anatomical symptoms were very obvious, and it was easy to diagnose. The prevention and treatment was often carried out according to the immunoassay and antibody level. After the onset of emergency immunes, there was a good effect, but emergency vaccination has to consider there is a tempered influenza. Viral mixed infection, cautious immunization! If the treatment is used, the lung oral liquid is used to drink three days.

To find a fundamental reason, symptomatic treatment. That is to improve the environment and protect the physiological functions of the intestines. The density of the feeding is large, the temperature is low, the amount of gas is wet, the ventilation, the online bed is uneven, the existence of these factors in the online bed, stress, etc., the existence of these factors, providing strong conditions for traumatic infection, so strengthen management, give Chickens provide comfortable living spaces and effective measures to reduce chickens.

In general, reduce chickens should not only strengthen feeding management, increase the disease resistance, but also provide reasonable nutrition, reduce chicken disease, and leg disease, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing chicken elimination!
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