It’s rapidly sick with a pig.

Using 啥 啥 长 快 生 生 少 少 防 防 病 猪 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作 工作; 工作 工作;;; Raise your fattening pig, not a hard thing, as long as the line does not have a bad money, earn big money, just the things that water to the stream. It is said that this has had to mention Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese medicine used in China has reached more than 5,000 species, and the prescriptions formed by the various medicinal materials are more likely. China is the birthplace of Chinese herbal medicine. At present, there are about 12,000 medicinal plants in China. This is not available in other countries, we occupy a monopoly advantage in Chinese medicine resources. The ancient extension exploration, research and summary of Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medicine, making Chinese herbal medicine have been the most extensive identity and application.

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Now Chinese herbal medicine is more and more applications in pig pigs. Its use in the breeding process can not only reduce feeding costs, but also make pigs grow more and more sick, give friends We share several common Chinese herbal medicines, but can not only promote long during pig breeding, but can you get sick? 1, pine pin powder pine powder protein content is high, and is rich in various amino acids, trace elements, inorganic elements, and vitamins. Add 2 to 5% of pine powder in pig daily food, which can increase the pig daily weight by more than 20%. At the same time, it is also possible to improve the ability of pig anti-disease and reduce the disease. 2, the pull of the pull of 5% pull in the feed can increase the pig daily weight by more than 15%, and it can prevent digestive diseases. 3, sunflower dishes in the sunflower area, the sunflowers are burned by the firewood. If a 3% sunflower powder is added to the pig feed, the pig daily weight can increase by 10%. At the same time, the sunflower plate also has good anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect, can prevention, treatment of pig urine stones, and urethral infection. 4. Add 3 to 5% of the cockpotomatoidi dryer to the diet, which can increase the increase of 8 to 10%. At the same time, the cock flower can also be used in porcine blood, and slightly rectal theutal treatment. [size = 12.0000pt] 5, hawthorn adds 1% hawthorn in the feed, daily gain can increase 10%, and also help to reduce digestive disease. IWe believe that especially in some mountains, woods, etc., more advantageous use with Chinese herbal medicine, but also reduce the cost of pig pigs, because the source of drug is wide, the cost is relatively low, and the efficacy is comprehensive, and it is easy to master the components. As people’s health care is getting stronger, Chinese and herbal medicine pigs will develop in the future breeding industry will be broader, and they will continue to be favored and carried forward. 6, feed additives When you don’t understand, I want to achieve good results in the short term, depending on the person, because only professional people can better do professional things. Talk about the feeding additive Feirmei, the fertilizer of the Emperor’s manufacturer promotes the fertile product of Ermei, has been in 2015, in the list of CCTV, 2017 consumers safely, and apply for a patent certificate number: 2014 1047 3800.5, real It is good to promote long additives, which is constantly being favored by major agents, distributors, farms, selling well, and new high.

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