Jellyty’s maintenance knowledge

timg (6).jpg Xiao Ti has a straight nose, which looks very smart and smart, can be said to be a warm and quiet, kind and loyal active dog. There is a absolute trust, loyal and responsible for the owner. Because it has a number of specials, people who have kept it can’t help but love it, like it. The owner should carefully care about its beautiful hair and maintain its queen image. Today, give you a brief introduction to your brotherhood.

    1 About 15 minutes, you can solve the problem, and the size of the size in your room will decrease a lot.

  • 2, every day must be active every day, you must take a puppy to bend, and you are also active. It is also event. But the pet king reminds you to remember to take a tractuary, if you don’t take your dog, then you can regret it.
  • 3, in time to clean the ear dog’s ear to clean up, otherwise, various ear diseases, such as otitis media, ear, etc., pay attention to the water every time take a shower. Dog ear, then cause inflammation, so the bath must be dug in the ear with a clean cotton swab, carefully the cotton swab can’t enter the ear hole.

  • In addition to this work like a claws, shear nails, etc., it is necessary to do regularly, whether it is a happy sheep dog you breed, these work for your dog’s Health will be beneficial.

  • Beauty Method

For the happy old shepherd dog, only the brush is kept clean, and of course it can also be scraped.胡, trim the toenail. Regarding whether the trim of the foot is directly related to its beautiful exhibition results, it is still in debate (taking the main way is the most insurance. Take a little trim, cautiously.). There is no need to completely bubble the dog in the bathtub, just to clean the white hair area on his body, use anhydrous shampoo, a little whitening powder, sprinkled in the white fur area.

According to personal hobbies, ordinary corn slabs or baby powder can also be used to increase the purpose, but then brush again.. In order to show a certain upright effect, the following method can be used: use the sponge to wet the flat, then the reverse texture is brushed, the dry hair will have an upright. Sense, it is also more suitable for the shape of such dogs. Carefully brush the hair of the buttocks, because the hair is relatively shoulder and thick. After the above simple operation, the dog can be confident in the exhibition hall. You can also ask some dog experts to learn how to further beautify, the simplicity of the process is largely mastered, but it needs to be pointed out that too many complicated beauty is time, and there is not much necessary, because no matter how fine The carvings are almost reflected in this product.

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