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Today, all the way has become a mainstream topic, and the environment is also the same. The factory chemical circulating aquaculture system serves as the representative of our products, high performance, strong adaptability, simple operation, high environmental protection, high production capacity, etc. After the launch has been favored by customers, the superiority of equipment Customers who came to Jiangsu Kunshan love for our system, and customers found our company through network channels. After several exams, they signed an agreement with our company.
At present, the equipment has been completed, ready to load the car to the customer site, even if the hot summer, the Guangzhou China Airline delivery department is also enthusiastic, quickly put the equipment to the truck, although it is already sweating, However, the delivery personnel still revealed the joy of delivery, and we will gradually follow up on the post-on-site installation and commissioning. The equipment mainly includes: roller microfilter, protein separator, composite sterilization processor, floating bed biological filter, two oxygen generators, four or batch of biofillings.
Delivery scene map:

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