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Winter chicken, respiratory disease is a period of time, but as long as the management, reasonably feeding, establish a sound scientific epidemic prevention system, do a good job in vaccination and drug prevention, can effectively control the occurrence of respiratory disease Thereby improving the benefits of breeding economic.

1. Respiratory symptoms

1. Mild moral bodies and E. coli mix infection: chicken sneezing, infection of sinusitis, conjunctivitis and airbagitis; medium cough, tracheal wetness; In the late stage, hepatic disease, cardiac inflammation, etc.

2. Aspergillus infection: It is mainly tobacco infection, which occurs in chicks. It can be seen after infection, and there is difficulty breathing, and there is a trachea. It is sometimes eye inflammation, and the eyelid is swollen. The lower eyelids have cheese samples, and it can be blind when it is serious.
3. Newcastle disease: Diseases show difficulties in breathing, sneezing, nasal, chicken and meat, yellow green, rare. Acceptable visible trachesis, hemorrhagic, adentened nipple and duodenum bleeding, pancreas bleeding.

4. Influenza: Boultry Exchange Phone / WeChat / QQ Unique Number: 15726200639 Doctors have obvious respiratory disease symptoms such as cough, sneeze, and sound. The chicken and meat are swollen, purple, some feet bleeding, purple. Cabinet visible adenosterea fresh red bleeding, tracheal congestion hemorrhage, pancreatic bleeding. 5. Branch: The main symptoms are sneezing, cough, Zhangqi, the voice, the eyes are moist, runny nose. The disease is more accompanied by renal lesions. The examination can be seen in renovation, pale, and tits. There is a mucus in the trachee, a cheese-like exudate, the airbag turbid, thickened.

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Second, prevention measures

1. Strengthen feeding management.

The layout of the chicken house is reasonable, reducing the feeding density, improves the nutritional level, feces, waste to remove, strengthen ventilation; ensure the temperature, humidity, and light in the chicken house; ensure feed,Drink water hygiene; do not feed mold metamorphic feed.
2. During regular disinfection.

The chicken house is strictly prohibited to visit and visit other people. In particular, when the neighboring chicken house is onset, it should be strictly blocked, insist on the use of chicken and disinfection every day, disinfecting the environment twice a week. Wash the use of the tray, bucket, bucket, and water dispenser, and dry after drying every day. Eliminate the source of poultry, mice, dogs, cats and other sources. The feces should be far from the gingerhouse, which is properly treated, and the chicken is buried or buried.
3. Do a good job in vaccination of vaccines.
According to the local specific case, a scientific immunoassay is developed, and there is a conditional to monitor antibody monitoring to achieve reasonable immunity. Note 3-5 days before and after immunization, antibacterial, anti-virus, sulfonamides, and add oral tonic salts, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. in the diet.
4. Drug prevention.
Winter is a multi-time period of chicken respiratory disease, and some drugs that enhance immunity can be added appropriately. At the same time, for Escherichia coli, chronic respiratory disease, in different feeding stages of chicken, feeding some appropriate amount of drug prevention can play a good effect.

Chicken sneezing

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