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Recently, through visiting the large-scale pig farm in Jilin, communication with pig farms, technicians exchanged communication, a preliminary understanding of the hepatobiliary diseases of the sow in Jilin area.
The liver of pigs is critical to pig health, but only a small number of experts scholars are concerned about studying such issues, producing a first-line personnel don’t know much!
The health sow health care investigation caused by the “primary color” caused by the earliest Tuen this teacher, the health of the sow, the health of the sow, including the accumulation of toxins, etc., etc. Among the pigs visiting the farm, most of the pigs exist in varying degrees or have happened: § Silk eye tears and other three dirty problems § Newborn pigs diarrhea § Sow constipation § Postpartum sow sow § § The body of the piglet § Piglet pilatects is generally existed in various pig farms, but there is a serious extent! Summary, most of them think is that there is sub-health status in the sow, and the solution is generally strengthening health or increase nutrition! ZJTOO_ copy .jpg

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In fact, the above phenomenon is essentially caused by pigs in the liver and bold system! Because the liver is a detoxification organ of pigs, pigs in feeding, especially sows, inevitable to produce toxins accumulation, resulting in liver damage, and after liver damage, first detoxification function is affected, further exacerbate toxin accumulation, forming one Vicious circle! Second, the liver is the body nutritional conversion center. After the liver is damaged, the nutrients delivered to the liver cannot be completed in time, resulting in the lack of nutrients (multi-dimensional, three major nutrients)! At the same time, the liver is still a very important ring! Healthy liver can clear the bacteria, viruses, etc. in the blood! After the liver is damaged, this defense, the immune function declines, which will cause the pig to make a disease! Conventional drug health and increased nutrition methods, deletions can make up for the loss of nutrient transformation and immune function caused by liver damage, which is why there is a certain effect in the production of first-line programs! However, if the liver is damaged this kind of rootic problem, the above program can only be more than half of the skill, adding investment, the effect is notCan last! At present, it is divided into four categories: toxin, nutrition liver, drug liver, and viral liver damage, it will appear first after liver damage – bile secretion! The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, bile is an important carrier for the function of the liver! The realization of many important functions of the liver is also a cycle of bile in the body. When the liver is damaged, the synthesis secretion of bile occurs first. Therefore, the first step in the liver is to ensure the bile secretion of the liver! Bile acid is the main ingredient of pig bile, from natural extraction in pig bile cream, has the same physiological function as the bile secreted with pigs! As excretion, the liver endotoxin is discharged, protecting hepatobiliary; as digestive fluid, promoting the absorption of fat and lipid substance!

Add Longchang bile acid to the sow, on the one hand, it can quickly make up for the lack of bile secretion due to liver damage, toxins accumulated in the liver, solve the problem of mother sow and tears; on the other hand, you can improve feed Utilization, especially the digestion and absorption of fat and lipid substance, improve the quality of the milk!

Add Longchang bile acid to the shaded pig feed, can supplement the lack of dirty pigs, lack of difficulty, maintain intestinal health, improve piglets to feed, and increase the growth of piglets weight! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you

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