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What is the role of adding small soda in cattle and sheep feed
1. Add small soda in cattle and sheep feed, effectively improve the animal’s digestive force to feed, accelerate the use of nutrients and excretion of harmful substances, and improve animals. G weight speed;
2, the resistance and immunity can always maintain the best state, improve the animal’s anti-stress energy, and to prevent livestock and poultry diseases, to ensure that their health growth is active;
3, the balance can also adjust the acid-base balance in the animal in the animal, and the effect of absorbing and deodorizing cleaning in the air.
Small soda is also called sodium bicarbonate, often used to treat livestock to treat digestive system diseases. However, during use, if the usage is improper, it often causes drug failure or livestock poisoning incident. This article provides a few need to pay attention to a reference for farmers, I hope to help everyone.
2, tertiary should be diluted in intravenous injection
Small Suo’s injection is generally 5% solution, which is high-permeable solution, which is not directly intravenous, which should be diluted into 1.3% to 1.5% solution, and can be intravenous.
3, should not be used with acidic pharmacy
whether it is inner, or intravenous injection, small soda can not be used in conjunction with acidic drugs to avoid neutralization reaction.
4, can not be used in certain diseases
Cannot treat people’s stomach expansion and horse gastroids with small soda. Because the baking soda is neutralized with the gastric acid, a large amount of carbon dioxide is produced, and the gastric pressure is increased, and the gastric ulcer is easily added or causes the gastric perforation.
5, the amount of dosage cannot be too large
The amount of small soda has passed the conference caused a homematine poisoning. Dosage and usage: Oral, 2 to 5 grams of pig, 5 to 10 grams of sheep, 30 to 100 grams of cattle, horse,, 15 ~ 60 grams. Intravenous injection (first diluted 1% to 1.5% solution), 40 ~ 100 ml of pig, cattle, horse,, 300 ~ 1000 ml
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