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Manure is a critical diagnosis basis for judging the disease:
The feces of the chicken is composed of cadecure manure and the small sausage. It is mainly discharged in the morning. The main feces of the chicken is a small sausage. The normal small bow is as gray or grayish, mostly Cylindrical or strip, dry dry, and have a thin layer of white uric acid. In breeding production, by observing the color and texture of chicken manure, you can initially understand the health of the chicken. If the feces are found to be thin, the feathers around the anus are contaminated with feces, or the stool is white, green, red, black or sauce, etc.
One, white dirt
1, chicken white sputum: It is a bacterial infectious disease caused by chicken white sputum, and broiler is mainly in chick.
2, kidney branch, Faishi cystic disease: causing the kidney swollen, excessive uric acid deposits, there is a white dungal feces of lime.
3, gout: mainly due to the high protein or bone powder and the luminescence content in the feed, white thin feces of lime appear.
4, poisoning: such as sulfoma and other drugs cause kidney damage, resulting in deposition of uric acid, shaking white stool.
Second, red feces
1, cercine catholic: chicken is blood sample feces, some even tie blood, chicken, whole body anemia.
2, necrotic enteritis: chicken displacement black blood sample, mucus pattern.
3, small intestine coccidial, appendage, syndrome, intestinal syndrome, etc.: pink and red rot meat or carrot-like feces.
4, Kwuklock leukotrophic diseases can be pulled out of blood manure, aphid disease, insectica, arsenic, etc. can also cause blood.
Third, yellow feces (or feed color feces)
This situation often occurs after cortust disease occurs, due to inflammatory thickening in the intestinal wall, the absorption function decreases, or secondly and necrotic enteritis or Escherichia coli infection causes enteritis. This kind of chicken is often manifested as a cock, chicken feet, and has poor nutrition symptoms. A measures to supplement nutrients and root causes should be taken during treatment to achieve good results.
Four, syrup 黄
coccidial disease, cercal hepatitis, necrotic enteritis and other sulfur sulfur chips.
Five, light yellow water
caused by inclusion hepatitis
Six, yellow-white dung
caused by infectious rheumatic disease or arcinitis.
Seven, green feces
At present, the green feces is due to certain diseases in the chicken body, the digestive machine can be obstacted, and the bile cannot be fully oxidized in the intestine and the formation of the intestines are formed, and there is a variety of etiology:
viral disease :
Rich new city disease, acute flu appear yellow-green dung, feces, there is yellow and white, and the whole group is all such; non-typical new city disease, gentle flu, back branch, sporadic green manure .
Bacterial diseases:
mainly there are Escherichia coli disease, Salmonella disease, Bacillus disease, and white crown disease. The most occurred in broilers is a sepaging Escherichia coli, which is yellow-green feces, as well as green dryure. Acute typhoid, chicken, chicken is unwilling to move, penguin-style posture; infectious synovitis, chickens are gradually thin, growth and development, joint swelling, walking difficult, pull green feces, examination Acanto-like exudate.
Eight, black feces
Mainly caused by chronic bowel disease, often due to a lot of loss of intestines, the feed is slow in the intestines, and the intestinal mucosa of dry heat aging is discharged with the feces.
Chronic small intestine coccidia, rotted fish powder poisoning (can cause gastrointestinal erosion) will also cause black.
Nine, water-like feces
Pathological reasons: mainly due to salt poisoning or kidney branch. Feed in the food salt content is too high, causing a lot of water to drink water, and discharge a lot of water. Salt poisoning chicken muscles are boiled water; kidney branch has a typical “花 斑”, discharging a lot of water, and also discharging a large number of white feces. Some acute infectious diseases (such as rotavirus, anaerobic infections or intestinal parasitic diseases, etc.) can also be caused; intestinal bacteria disorders can also cause aqueous rhert.

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