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Today is July 31, the weather temperature in Linyi has fallen a few days ago. The rabbit skin is still a small skin, but how much is it, but the customers who buy skin are less, the other, the farmer is still willing to sell a small rabbit, which may be the reason why the weather is getting cold. The following small series will report the price of the boss: a $ 17 – 19 yuan, five pounds of 15 — 16 yuan, 4 pounds to five pounds 11 — 13 yuan, four pounds of half 8 — 10 yuan, three to four pounds 6.5 — 7 yuan. The price of rabbit skin has not changed, and the 8-10 yuan of six pounds and seven or eight pounds, the middle-pound of the middle-oriented blue grass three or four yuan, the white skin is two or three yuan, the secondary skin is one yuan. The price of rabbit is still eight yuan. According to Xiaobian, since the most recent temperature drops, the farmer may raise the rabbit because of the rise in the price of the price. The above is purely a personal point of view, if there is something wrong, please pay more advice, more incompetent!
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