Just bought a small pig?

Pig, I just bought a small pig, I just bought a pig, I just bought a pig. I should pay attention to preventive stress, adapt to a new environment, then feed it properly, so that it slowly adapts to food, feces It is advisable to dissipate without overcompass, digestion. Because, let’s feed the pig, it is to make it fast, feed the money, and fattening pigs are the final link in pig production. It is a relatively good management stage. It is a pig only. The lowest level of environmental conditions is also the final sprint phase of the pig farm. The performance of fattening pigs determines how much the profit of a pig farm is, therefore, the relationship between the whole pig production is, and hooks with economic benefits. The purpose of raising pigs is to with less feed and labor, with a low cost, large number, high quality pork as short as possible, to achieve better economic benefits to meet the needs of people’s meat pigs. More factors affecting the growth and development of the meat, it is difficult to achieve the following purposes, only the comprehensive technical measures can be improved in a short time, the number, high quality pork can improve The ranking of meat pigs. According to this, we will start with the fat pig, start with the feeding. Spoon Gamer Beauty .jpg

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The fertilizer pig feeding and weight gain are proportional, and the pig is overweight, and 100 pounds of pigs are 1.5 kg -1.8 / head daily, such as each column 10 The head is immediately gathered 15 kg -18 / day, that is, 0.45 kg / column should be added to the original basis, and the daily increases. The proposal is 70 days or less, according to small pigs, 3%, according to the pig, 2%, more than 150 days, remember, increase the daily increase, proportionally, if the pig is still hungry, Change to dry and dry and feed the water than 1: 1, while feeding, adding a projection to promote long additive Emier, the effect is better. Ermei has a significant effect in the practice of pig breeding, and also has a disease-resistant effect, raising pig feeding, early stage: greed, bother, dung; medium: skin red, Mao Liang, anti-disease Good; later: with the width, hip full, weight is much higher; full: health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, it was rated as consumers by Henan TV.”Long fast, early bars, real good, promote long products, good effects can be seen, help us make money is the hard truth. The above is the fast-related content of the pig, more, more, please call the website. Inquiries, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement each other, do our farming career, help us to make pigs to make big money!

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