Kang alone / pure Chinese medicine / for highly pathogenic viruses

Kang alone
used name: Anti-poison No. 1
1. Main ingredients: Huanglian, Cork, Astragalus, Gardenia, Houttuynia, Banzgen and other precious Chinese medicine
Second, product characteristics
1. Qingfeizhen, detoxification, diarrhea, phlegm, cool blood, anti-virus, this product is an immunity, detoxification, antiviral compound preparation
2. With detoxification detox, antiviral, antibacterial, enhanced immunity, improve Vaccine titer, reduce side effects and residues of antibiotic poison
3. Improve the pig’s own removal, repair anti-infectience ability, effectively relieve multiple factors, resulting in sub-health and immunopriosis
4 Bottoma and kidney, improve the anti-animal detoxification, metabolic capacity
5. Prevention and treatment of various plaque diseases, respiratory diseases, etc., especially the prevention and treatment of pigs
6. It can effectively reduce the occurrence of malignant infectious diseases such as pig high-fever, respiratory syndrome, and maintain pigs health systems for pigs

Daily prevention and health.
7. Immunization tolerance caused by immune system in the body, improve the recognition ability of the body’s immunization against antigens. It can make the immune system that caused by blue ear

disease variant virus, circular virus, influenza, swine fever virus, etc., and is mentioned in

high vaccine immunity. Responding ability, promoting the body immune antibody production.
Third, the main function
1. Detoxification, detoxification, anti-virus
2. Enhance the vaccine effect, release immunosuppression
3. Improve the immunity of pigs and relieve pigs
4. For the immunodeficiency of cyclov disease, mutated blue ear disease, pseudoal trace, swine fever, flu, etc.
Fourth, usage, usage, usage, usage, usage, usage and dosage
This product is 1000 Ki, with 7-10 days. Double dosage during the disease, use 7-10 days
[Packaging Specifications] 1kg / bag * 12 bags / piece

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