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Pregnancy interruption, abortion reason, spring fox, feeding, feeding, feeding
(1) Sorry-lost feedstock
Sorry fish is the main cause of abortion, the sea fish in the cold storage of -15 ° C It will occur for three months of storage, and it will be severely fatigue in the cold storage of -5 ° C. The meat is stored in the cold storage for more than half a year in the reproductive period.
Fish, fatty fatty acid, fatty acid, produce peroxide, further decomposes formaldehyde, ketones, ozone, and low molecular fatty acids, directly acting on the digestive tract mucosa of pregnant beast, causing enteritis, causing digestive disorders.
Simultaneous fatty vitamins A, D, E, K, etc. cannot be absorbed by intestines, affecting the synthesis of thrombin, causing uterine bleeding, resulting in pregnancy interruption, can also cause impairment of progesterone hormones, resulting in a mother beast Embryonic death.
At the same time, fatty fat will cause yellow fat and fox.
(2) Toxic abortion
Most of them are caused by feeding of biblia, corn sibreteone, and yellow matrixalin B1.
(3) Damage, frightening caused abortion
More management improper management, arrest, frightening, making the mother and beast spirit, increased adrenergic secretion, reflectivity causes uterine contraction to cause miscarriage.
(4) Incidental drugs lead to abortion
unreasonable medication in pregnancy, such as entering the uterine contraction medicine, estrogen, prostaglandin, dexamethasone and other drugs, according to 0.5 mg of dexamethasone, once a day, It can be used in two days to cause water.
(5) Nutritional bad abortion
Feed nutrients, such as protein, fat, vitamin and trace elements, can lead to pregnancy interruption.
(6) Bacillobacteria abortion
Introducing a fox and purchasing a female fir, Isolated for a month, and a Bacillus quarantine, the negative person can enter a farm.
(7) Abortion caused by Gednatus disease
To epidemic prevention prior to breeding.
(8) Salmonella disease abortion
feeding dead chicken, small cock, and eggs, etc. caused abortion, and pregnancy should be strictly prohibited to feed the dead animals, poultry and internal organs.
(9) Breeding period infection abortion
Most of the decimal inflammation, until the middle and late pregnancy, the development of uterine inflammation causes pregnancy.

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