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1. Can not disinfection during the immunization This can be understood in the broiler. The vaccine is divided into vane seedlings and dead seedlings, and the vitality is small. It is necessary to breed in the body. It is generally afraid of disinfection. It is a series of eyes and drinking injustices. The pony vane vaccine is usually 48 hours before and after 48 hours; Miao and propolis seedling aluminum gels are generally dead seedlings are not afraid of disinfectant, as long as they are not immunomodulation disinfectant, there is no problem 2, coccidia must prevent first insects to be parasites, only in some time, medication will have effect, No bug, what can you do with medicine? In our current feed, you can see, basically add salt insecticin, shabromxromycin, martinthromycin what anti-PC drug, itself has added drugs, you still use there is no disease Is it going to prevent it? 3, more chicken to prevent death, not enough, how many chickens are raised every square meter, basically a fixed value, and more chickens can only make the chickens smaller, the density increased by 20%, and the incidence is 4 times. That is: 100 chickens are raised by 120, you are more than four times higher than the chance of the chicken, so you increase the original intention of the number of children from death, the result is that your remaining chickens are more than expected. 4 The traditional Chinese medicine has no poisonous Chinese medicine is divided into four gas five flavors. Each drug has its own sexual taste. First, Chinese herbal medicine is also toxic, and also divided into small poisoning, poisoning, big poison, and traditional Chinese medicine. Sexual correction of the bias of the body, that is, the cold, the heat is cold, the reason is diarrhea, the perception of the people, etc. It is very obvious, so Chinese medicine is used to be very good, and it is wrong with the wrong grunge, and the Chinese medicine, astragalus, forsythia, etc. Fast, the increase is obvious, and the cost performance is high. 1 bottle of 1800 kg water is strictly prohibited
5, the respiratory tract is not treated, or then the internal passage of the cloud: the internal organs of the five organs will make the cough, so “respiratory tract” is never a disease, but a symptom. From the perspective of Western Medicine, the respiratory tract is divided into: cold (on), mycoplasma (slow), virus, E. coli, etc., unknown reasons, etc., I will wait in the treatment of the best time. Respiratory disease in the process of treatment In the case of the treatment, it may be aggravated, it may be that the condition is developing, or it may be the direction of diagnosis and medication. There is no need to wait until it must wait for the group. 6. The best breeding is to make money. Instead of doing scientific experiments. In many cases,It has been guaranteed by treatment. Many people will add a sentence when using medicine. Think that only this is the most insurance. First, I think the medicine doesn’t matter, the key is not good. The key is to symptomatic and sensitive. Maybe a very serious disease requires only a very cheap medicine, or very generous medicine, such as infection Rhinitis, only need to use the sulfonamide that we have long-awaited, causing a lot of intestinal poison syndrome to use it for a long time and very cheap dause, so don’t be superstitious “Good medicine” The most important thing is your good medicine or the absorbing is used. What should I do if I have a problem. You have a hyperbithicillin, which is a hyperbithicillin, solarmyin, and the traditional germromycin microencapsimation. Drug blood concentration, the drug concentration of the pulmonary, and the absorption utilization have been greatly improved. 500 kg water for 4 days
7, do not do epidemic, not to make a chicken or nursing, do not do vaccine, this is two extreme ideas, the former is too cautious, the latter is too paralyzed, and it is undeniable that has its success. Experience can follow, success is not a constant, persistence, the vaccine that should be done must do, there will always be a loss of the incubation or a seedlings, but do not make a seedlings will have a sudden epidemic to make your harvest become mirror flowers. Everything is going to see the status of chicken and the surrounding situation.

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