Dogs – Alaskan sled dogs and Labrador dogs seek adoption from good Samaritans!

Adoption instructions and conditions:

1. The adopter should choose the adopted dog in person and can’t be taken by others.

2. I hope you have independent financial ability. If students want to adopt, they must support from their families.

3. No maltreatment, no abandonment. If the family does not support continuous support, you can be allowed to seek a good family for adoption again. I will help you find it together, but you can’t abandon it.

4. The adoption agreement must be signed in duplicate.

5. You can accept irregular video return visit within one year after adoption. You can rest assured that the dog will never be disturbed after confirming its safety.

6. Adopted dogs will not be returned for any reason. Each adopter should be cautious about the adoption of pets.

7. All the above conditions are consent after adoption.


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