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First, this disease and ewes have a great relationship with the pregnancy, in recent years, in Henan, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Hubei, There is a lamb disease in Sichuan and other places, which has a significant increase in the incidence in nearly two years. Especially in larger scale beats, the lambs in the house is high, and the serious mortality is as high. 40-60% inequal, giving a great economic loss to the raised sheep industry. It should be noted here that only the rural veterinarian takes the treatment of hypoglycemic or calcium treatment programs, etc., the effect is not very obvious. In order to find out the causes of the disease, we have conducted a wide range of investigations on its onset and law, and studied from pathogens, blood biochemical indicators, clinical symptoms, and disease-related, clinical treatment tests, and found The disease is mainly caused by poor pregnancy during pregnancy, and the clinical symptoms and anatomical lesions have been statistically analyzed, which fully proves that this is congenital symptoms (the nutrients in the pregnancy caused in the pregnancy caused by lack of fetus).

1, the disease occurred in September, in September, and the lambs after the second year. The e Wool is mainly raised in the winter cymbality, pregnant ewec is placed, and the diet, the nutrition is lacking, the light is insufficient, the amount of exercise is small, the fetal dysplasia, the lamb is insufficient, the physical fitness is the main cause of the disease One.
When the survey is found, the scale is discovered, due to most of the farmers according to the traditional feeding management method, the sheep is unsatisfactory, the deworm is not in place, the feed is single, (using premix or fine material produced by regular manufacturers) Especially the lack of necessary various vitamins, trace elements iodine, copper, selenium, etc., energy, protein, and severe constant constant elemental imbalance, resulting in the lack of ewec, nutrients in milk, affecting the development of lambs. In particular, the amount of winter flock is small, the sun is small, and the supplement is not allowed. It is the main reason for the high incidence of lambs. The goats ranging from the local local variety, the lamb is lighter, the amount of milk is small, and the local conditions are comparable to the local conditions.In recent years, due to the optimization of varieties, multi-hybrids, the newborn lambs increase, metabolism, with the increase in the increase of lambs in the hybrid, and the lack of nutrition is getting more and more obvious.
2 Long, causing poor dyspeclands, slow fetal manian, and unsubstated food fermentation caused autologous poisoning. This series of reasons have caused lambs, dissecting dead sheep, there is a large amount of milk tabs in the stomach, and the intestinal contents are yellow, white, green, and feces are dry and dilute.
3, the management of lambs
After the lamb is born, the body temperature regulates the center of the center, the external temperature has a great impact on the lamb. Because we have always raised the lamb to save, manage the extensive, do not pay attention to heat preservation, and the critical cause of the onset of lambs.

Newborn Lamb 3115 days, most of the sudden onset, the early body temperature is normal or slightly higher, mainly manifested as spiritual depth, early respiration, slow rate, late heartbeat , The reaction is slow, pale or hairpin, and the appearance is always screaming. Then, the ear, the nose is cold, the limbs are weak, sometimes two before the limb or the two rear limbs walk, the milk is difficult, and the strong drive is unstable, it seems that the drunken sample is in the sky, and it will be inserted, the whole body is soft. Most abdomen swell, can’t succumb. When you are serious, you have a chewing phenomenon, eyeball, muscle tremor, angular bow, limb contracture, some are array of hapnectic spasm or lead-to-one. Or flatly lie, you will not see the size of the size or the stool is dry, the bowel movement is difficult. In the late stage, the lamb is discharged from the yellow with mucus dung or mucus. After 24-48 hours, the body temperature drops below 36 ° C or the body temperature cannot be measured, and finally died in a coma. The course of treatment is 2-5 days, early discovery, the early treatment is generally quickly rehabilitation; the treatment is not in time, until the lamb cannot be succumbed, or the management of the loss of most of the number of revises.

Anatomy of pulmonary edema is performed on the dead lamb, the lungs have bleeding point, the lung spike and the heart leaves, the myocardium is relaxed, the left and right ventricular expansion, severe myocardial necrosis is grayish ,liverThe dirty face is swollen, the color is a necrosis point, the spleen is bleeding, the kidney edema, the death lamb dewater is obvious, the acute death lamb can see a large number of unsubstantable codes in the stomach, the stomach content is sour, the medium-term stomach content Cerens and turbid liquids, gastric endometers fall off, stomach walls have strip bleeding, thin stomach wall, water samples or empty fumes, stomach floral, gastrointestinal, partially dead lamb small intestine mucosa, large intestine and rectal Yellow or grayish ball or emulsion. Individual lamb ribs can be bent into a U-shaped.

This disease can be treated with intravenous intravenous supplementation, calcium calcium treatment, or use oral glucose + gluconate method, this method is slow and generally 12 hours after 12 hours, for severe cases Can’t play a first aid effect.痢 灵 灵 灵 痢 灵 明 见 见 果 果Most of the lamb will grow slow, and after the cure, you must use a special premix or full mixed diet.

The cause of this disease is because the ewes caused by malnutrition in pregnancy, the priority of prevention is to arrest from the ewec, we propose “malnutrition is a hundred diseases The root “This scientific anchor is a number of experienced experience in many experts. We have to pay great attention to nutrition, some experts even put forward “It is also necessary to raise animals as children”, because the breeding cycle is short, the growth rate is fast, and the metabolic burden is very large. More, more comprehensive, appropriate nutritional inputs are necessary, and the practice of saving money from animal mouth, in fact, there are more losses, resulting in disease, our losses Greater.

“No nutrition and re-use, no redemption treatment” This concept must be, especially our rural medical level is not high, the owner is in a hurry, drug store veterinary medication, drug abuse of drugs Burden, much higher than the money we bought in the premix. At the same time, drug abuse is not only caused by the increase in farming, but also has slowed the slowness, and indirectly increases the cost of breeding again, all of which has a lack of economic lack of every year. In order to completely solve this problem, Chicchuan expert scholars have increased the yard of the ewa.The research process, in 2015, in the country, the national feeding management model and basic Japanese food seeding, and “Chikawa” brand 4% mother sheep breeded special premix. Solving the problem from the source of nutrition, in accordance with the first rule of the standard, starting from the nutrition of the mother’s sheep, starting with the tires to get amazing. More than a year, the product has proved that the product is currently not produced before the production of ewes, the postpartum, postpartum heat, postpartum lack of milk, endometritis, non-estrus, difficult to breed, and other diseases and digestive system diseases There is no diarrhea, soft, and easy to be sick, etc. in the lamb.

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