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We often hear large-scale, intensive cultures, so what is the characteristic of scale-based chickens? Now Xiaobian introduces the breeding characteristics of scale chicken as follows:

1. Production factories, intensive scale, chicken, tens of thousands of chickens only in a hut, put chicken Just as a machine, feed the feed as a raw material, apply modern scientific and technical achievements, and make the feed to eggs, meat products in the past, and supply the market needs. Veterinary drug agent

2. Business specialization, supporting the scale of rice chicken industry includes breeding companies, chicken farms, hatching plants, denants, broilers, slaughterhouses, feed industries, drug equipment Waiting for specialization, but they are connected to each other and match each other.

3, management mechanization, automated scale, wheeled, water, water supply, episode, excess, slaughter, processing, etc., use modern scientific and technical achievements, mechanized, semi-mechanical, electricization; In recent years, some advanced countries have used computers, even recorded, ventilated, light, and can be produced,! Implement automation management. Not only greatly improved labor productivity, but also guarantees management standardization, which greatly improves management level.
4. Chemicalization, hybridization scale nursing to ensure high yield, stable and neat production performance, generally use high-yield specialized products and their supporting hybrids to meet the above requirements.
5. Nutritional total price, equilibrification guarantees the full price and balance of nutrition in breeding. Neither nutrients are not affected by poultry production, and there is no more nutritional need, causing waste of feed. Because of the above five characteristics, its production level marks can be summarized as three high and low ‘, that is, the product productivity is high, the feed rate is very high, the labor productivity is high, and the production cost is greatly reduced. . In the past, eggs and chicken are expensive food, and now it has become an ordinary cheap food, especially in developed countries in scale.

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