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What should she do for the whole process of sheep? I. Adult Sheep Apostate:
– In mid-February injection of hoof vaccines.
– In late February, the injection of goat injection infectious pleuropneumitis vaccine.
– In early March, injection acne vaccine. Sanlian four anti-vaccines were injected in mid-March.
– In mid-August injection of hoof vaccines. Sanlian four anti-vaccines were injected in mid-September.
Second, lamb anti-epidemics:
– 7 days of age injection acupuncture.
– After 15 days of age injection triple four anti-vaccine.
– 25 days old injection of hoof vaccines.
– 90 days old injection hub acne vaccine.
– 10 days after weaning, Tri-four anti-vaccine.
Third, the late pregnancy lamb prevention of lambs diarrhea immunization plan
– 10 days before the birth of E. coli vaccine.
– Tripartic four anti-vaccines 20 days ago.
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