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hepatobiliary diseases is one of the most frequent diseases in aquaculture, the disease occurred in the grass carp, carp, carp, tilapia, catfish and so will the higher incidence of the disease, but occurs After the problem of hepatobiliary problems, the resistance of the fish will fall easily to cause other diseases or even death.

Affecting liver biliary is approximately a few points:
1. Water quality problems, external pollution, cultured pond water quality, large sewer organic matter, ammonia nitrogen algae toxin too much, can cause fish liver damage.
2, feed high-energy high-fat feed, now the farmers give the grass fish are high-energy high fat feed, the grass fish is eaten, the liver is not as good as metabolism, increase the burden of the liver, fat will be in the liver and abdomen A large amount of accumulation, easy to induce hepatobiliary disease. At the same time, there will be toxic substances in the feed is also to be demodified by the liver, such as toxin accumulators.
For example, a long-term use of nymthromycin, Ennohaxing, etc. can cause damage to the liver.

The season of summer and autumn season, the grassfish is accelerated, the feeding is too much, the liver is overloaded, the burden is overwhelmed, and the water environment is deteriorated, and the grass carp is also reduced, which is easy to cause hepatobiliary disease.

A customer of Hunan, the boss, the boss of the boss, the grass, 100,000, the grassfish did not have symptoms, normal food, but slowly started to have a dead fish, up to 300, the discovery is the liver something is wrong.

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Hepatobiliary yellow liver

liver yellowed by bacterial infection, liver and intestines or liver metabolic problems caused by liver metabolism. .jpg
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liver yellowed by bacterial infection, liver and intestines or liver metabolism, yellow liver

Chen boss used Chinese herbal medicine to protect liver, before the effect, but did not expect it to have hepatobiliary This time we recommend using 1000 grams of bile acid (content of 30%) for a ton for 7 days, and observe the liver ruddy, health, and more than 300 deaths caused by hepatobiliary diseases, using bile acids Control, there is no dead fish.

Use bile acid 7 days effect: ruddy of grass carp, healthy intestinal film fat. .jpg
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Using bile acid 7 The effect of the sky: the grassfish liver is ruddy, healthy intestinal membrane fat

Billy acids are extracted in animal gallbladder, which is the main active ingredient of animal liver secretion, which is in animal in vivo metabolism A series of steroids produced have a variety of biological activity, which can completely root from the root from the liver and bile problem, so that the liver returns to the initial health.

1, bile acids can promote fat and digestion absorption, transport excess fat in the liver and intestines to the organisms, inhibit overcare accumulation of hepatic fat and lilate;

2, bile acid can pass intestine – Liver circulation promotes liver secretion bile, dredging biliary tract, playing liver gallbladder;

3, bile acid can promote hepatocyte regeneration, repair liver damage, thus restoring the liver; 4, bile acid The liver function can be enhanced to promote liver detoxification detoxification, reduce the damage of toxin substance on liver and body, effectively prevent fish fatty liver and hepatobiliary syndrome, control mortality, and reduce hepatobiliary.
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