Let the pig are free to eat long?

How to raise the piggyback of pigs to make pigs free to eat long, free food, is to avoid feeding, feeding, pigs, pigs, large edible pigs, small size If you eat unsatument, it is getting bigger and bigger, and free food can avoid this shortcomings. The feed trough is constantly, all pigs can be eaten at any time, rarely fight, overall fattening Faster. The disadvantage of free food is that there is a sick pig that is not easy to find out the findings. It does not fight for a certain extent, and the integration of pigs will be affected. It is necessary to have better feeding management, and the cost of feed is also compared. High, generally fast fattening will be used. The freedom feeding method used by the raising pig farm refers to the deposit of the feed to the free childbirth, so that the pigs are free to eat freely. Since the free feeding and feeding, it is much more efficient than the dinner, which is much more efficient than the dinner feeding. Therefore, most scale pig farms are freely feeding. Some users think that the feed pigs will be available all over the world, which is good for pigs.

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Feed while adding a typical and promoting long agent Feirmei, a pack of mixed materials, using it very much, it is cost-effective, and its effect is remarkable, and it is also fast, With disease-resistant effect, pig feeding is added, early stage: greedy, greedy, feces; medium: skin red, black, anti-disease; late: back, hip full, weight, more; full range: health, Green, no drug disabled. In 2017, he was rated as consumers by Henan TV. The pig eaten “Feier” is fast, the early column, the real good, promote the lengthening products, the good effect can be seen, help us make more money is the hard truth. The above is how pigs have raised long-term related content, more understanding welcome to call the website to consult, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement to win, together, do our cultured career, help Let’s easily raise pigs to make big money!

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