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On June 16, the 47th Pig Industry Expo (Guangzhou) grand opening. China’s famous strength distributive pig experts, President Li Junzhu, president of China Pig Industry High-rise Exchange Forum, lectured the “Post-Rufang African Pig Fever after the Expo”.


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China Pig Industry High-rise Exchange Forum President Li Junzhu

The main content is as follows:

The key to the production of Schnitarium in Africa, the key to poisoning production is based on the vicinity of the epidemic situation, and the time of the vacancies of the scientific property is empty. With facilities transformation, associated with regional linkage in the vicinity of the pig farm, and timely clearing the poisonous pigs.

Necessary condition for resurgence after African swine fever in the scale

Different pig farm African swine fever, African swine fever prevention and control, African swine fever prevention and control hardware conditions and management The conditions are different. After assessment, it is necessary to formulate air bar time suitable for this farmhouse and ensure safe production.

African swine fever replenishment must also meet the following necessary conditions:

1, the region (city county) has no African piglet epidemic in the region; unpacking No new epidemic in the last three months; ensure that there is no African piglet epidemic in three months in the pig farm (to be investigated, selecting point sampling active test). Suggestion: After the reputation of African swine fever, the time is as good as possible, preferably more than half a year.

2, the refered reasons have been identified, the pig farm and its surrounding epidemic prevention environment have been completely improved; the pig farm biosafety facilities, the system, measures, the program have been improved; the procome has sufficient manpower, Financial and material.

3, the sampling of the environment, production area, living area, office area, materials, personnel, vehicles, etc., the use of national standards or OIE standards, using national standards or OIE standards, respectively. PCR (QPCR)The original test of pathogens, seriously assess the empty ray effect, ensuring that all projects before the duisury are negative, can introduce the reserved stocks or a small amount of transers, and weaning piglets for clinical monitoring and observation.

Durable risk assessment

Assessment for the possibility of African swine fever: Apostative factors and biology of the African swine fever Security vulnerabilities, operating management vulnerabilities for comprehensive investigation, evaluation, confirming all new and old risk points.

Re-performing a geographical location and epidemic prevention environment of pig fields: a proposed in the preparation system or veterinary clinical experience, African swine fever. Evaluation factors include nearby villages, farm density, distance from farms, main wind, and highway distance, highway to live animals, terrain, and rivers, distance, with dead pig filing The distance between the other farms, the distance between the nearby slaughterhouse, and the like.

The evaluation must meet at least the biosafety grade and above standards of the large-scale commodity farm can consider the production, otherwise it will not be reproduced.

The currently referred to internal and external biosafety assessment software includes: PIC’s 1000PSA score system, BI company’s Combat or professional pig service, hosted company assessment software. You can also ask a professional company or expert to evaluate.

The reputation and traceability

before the production of pig farms, the cause of the cause of the pig field should be investigated and analyzed, that is, the introduction of African swine fever. Possible factors and possible risk points, biosafety management and management vulnerabilities for comprehensive investigation. At the same time, seriously assess the situation of epidemics around the pig farm, and put a solid foundation for scientific, safe, smooth duisines.

The main contents of the re-discharge and traceability include: a number of incubation records within 30 days before the epidemic, pig records; enterprising, bathing, dressing shoes, etc. Process and record; source, detection and recording of feed and water; material entry disinfection measures and process record; pig sales process is washed with pigtock; sick pig and garbage harmless treatment record; pig farm environmental disinfection and Detection records; surveys around the peaks around the pig farm, etc. At the same time, analyze possible transmissionThe diameter, including vehicles, personnel, supplies, media organisms, etc. In addition, pay attention to whether there is a problem in the management of the pig farm.

The improvement and facility renovation of the proceeding

At this stage, it is recommended to be self-supporting, reducing the frequency from the external introduction; improving the function of the guard, setting up spray disinfection , Washing hand disinfection, item temporary disinfection, vehicle washing and other functions; upgrade to transform pigtock, set buffer, avoid internal and external intersections, pig traffickings, vehicles, vehicles and pig farms, vehicle contact Higher code wall, digging anti-preservation ggg, setting anti-wild boar, anti-cat dog, anti-bird, anti-mouse, etc. All foreign tanks are not allowed to enter the pig farm, partition unloading, and the transport feed tower within the wall; perfect living area Functional, living area is divided into internal and external living areas, inside and outside the strict distinction, does not cross; in the wind, the low-lying perspective, the low-lying area, the low-lying area, the low-lying area is established, it is best to use resource utilization equipment to produce organic fertilizer; in the pathogen The pressure is greater, or suspected that the groundwater is contaminated, there is a need to establish a disinfection pool and a transit pool, regular sampling, ensuring water safety; large pig farms need to be equipped with their own transportation vehicles and their own vehicle consolidation center, and ensure vehicle The road to the center of the consolidation center will not be subjected to secondary pollution; all the pig houses and the inverse gallery are closed, and the necessary equipment cave or intake exit needs to cover the anti-bird network. All pig houses and the laverse have a perfect sewage line, and all positions are not accumulated and there is a sanitary corner. Supporting high temperature high pressure rinsing equipment, pipe network cover all pig houses and landscaping …

The pig farm before progent is thoroughly cleaned and scientifically disinfecting

First clean up, Clear, cleaning, then cleaning, and finally disinfecting. The pig farm is harmless to clean, deal with, and must clean the residual garbage and surplus materials inside and outside the pig farm and the pig house. Thoroughly cleaned, after the field, the whole pig farm is fully, system, and unrestrained and disinfecting. The remaining raw materials, feed, drugs, wood products, rubber mats, tools, garbage, etc. are deeply buried or incinerated, and then cleaning and disinfection inside and outside the pig house.

After the second round of cleaning, the ATP biofluorescence detector can be sampled to detect different regions, and it is cleaned immediately. When the last qualified area of ​​the pig farm is naturally drying for 2 weeks, it is normal to enterWhen the operating process of the production area, segments are again detected by fluorescent PCR, and the key parts are sampling. Take the ultimate goal inside and outside the whole.

The last disinfection work in front of the duu is out of the production line – the production line – the subsequent production area, the living area, the order of the office area. All the door of the above venues, outdoor road sprayed the lime, and finally set the alert sign, and no personnel are allowed to enter until no production.

Sentinel Pig Feeding and Refect Program

After thorough cleaning and harmless treatment, the pig farm environment African swine fever was negative, introduced the sentinel pig. The introduced sentinel pigs are mainly used by pigs and weaning piglets.

The sentinel pigs 5-10 heads / group, which are placed in different regions such as the isolation house, with a collection of Huishe, a household, a purse, fattening house. The assessment of feeding period is generally recommended not less than 2 months (two latency or more). After passing the pathogenic testing period, the sentinel pig can directly enter the production and put into production according to the plan.

To ensure that the Sentinel pig African swine fever is negative, the test results are negative to expand production. During the feeding period of the sentinel, three tests were performed, 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days of pathogenic testing. This three detection is required to be negative. Sentinel pigs detection and no clinical-oriented pig farms can be considered for replenishment, gradually introducing only pigs, and restore normal production.

African swine fever detection in the pig farm and its surrounding environment

According to the African swine fever virus, the pig farm focused, key points Self-testing, while assisting local governments or take the initiative to carry out two African swine fever inspectors in the nearby villages near 10 kilometers.

It must be ensured that there is no residual African swine fever virus in the pig farm. There are no African swine fever in the far farm.

Availability: Multi-place, multi-frequency sampling, multi-frequency sampling, and conduct African swine fever. Sampling point in the pig farm: pig house, hardened road, soil, septic tank, entry materials, feed, water quality, personnel clothing, kitchen, etc. Monitoring frequency: 1 time / 1-2 weeks.

Clinical monitoring: closely observe the health status of pigs after delivery, according to the Agricultural Rural Department “African Pig FeverThe Epidemic Emergency Implementation Plan provides that the suspicion of epidemiology, clinical symptoms and cutting symptoms are investigated, and early shots are made, early treatment, early control. It is found that the suspected epidemic is immediately isolated, and the African swine fever test is performed. If the diagnosis needs to be quickly taken, it is reported to report the epidemic in a timely manner.

Retributions and their precautions

Refect introduction, preparation pigs or fattening pigs, to monitor the source of pigs, transportation routes and pigs, health status, etc. Three aspects are strictly controlled. The introduction of the introduced pigs (especially the reserve pigs), requiring the supply of pig farms in the supply of pigs to be negative. For the route area, transportation time, temporary stop point, route, alternate route, staff arrangement, etc. Risk point. Pigs only carry out three African swine fever antigen detection prior to entering the production area, before introducing, after 1 weeks of injury and the production area, three detection of African swine fever is negative, and can start the peaks. Retribution operation.

Do a good job in the recycling plan for at least three months. The introduction is preferably concentrated in a pig enterprise or a kind of pig farm, and the source is the better. It is necessary to focus on the stroke species, survey survey survey. The pilot field is required to provide this field of immunization procedures and drug health procedures.

Try to choose the region, the province is cited, try not to core in the province. Avoid spanning multiple regions, plurality of provinces.

Resolutely not introduce from the African pigworm displacement (region, city). The epidemic district where the African swine fever blocked, must be introduced by two African swine fever virus (more than 46 days).

Prior to introducing major epidemic diseases such as African piglets, swine fever, pseudo-raw fangs, foot-and-mouth disease, highly pathogenic blue ear diseases. It is necessary to test a third-party pigment laboratory test, and the blood sample must be involved in the participation of this field.

Planning the introduction of transportation routes, use professional transport vehicles, send professional veterinary escort. It is best to entrust professional pig logistics companies to be responsible and sign the transportation of the African Pig Fever Prevention and Control Agreement.

After the reserve pigs entered the field, they were prepared for 46 days in the isolation house or the reserve pig house. After testing without African swine fever, then transferred again.Perennial. The rigid house or the reserve pig house pigs must be fully enclosed, managed.

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