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With the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, the veterinary industry has developed rapidly. Now the antibiotics do not seem to work, drug resistance, residual, and poison. In response to such problems, the state has also developed corresponding laws and regulations, limiting antibiotics, increasing the supervision of the veterinary drug industry, then the farmer is confused, if not, what can I do?


? Before I solve this problem, let’s think about it. Why is the drug resistance of antibiotics?

In fact, it is very simple, as long as we think, antibiotics is used to do? You can know the answer, it’s right, it is used to treat. Then we count again. Now where is the large dose of antibiotics in our pig farm? It is obvious, most of the antibiotics in the pig farm are used in daily health care of pigs. We think that we want to give pigs every day. Edible, therapeutic drugs have become home cooking, how can they do not have drug resistance?

To solve this problem, first we have to do it is the correct and reasonable use of antibiotics, the treatment reuse. Many farmers will definitely think, what should I do when doing health care? Yes, the immunity of pigs is poor, and pigs are difficult to raise the general problem facing the pig farm. It is still not enough to raise pigs, so there are now many feed additives, veterinary drug manufacturers put their eyes on the research and development of replacement antibiotic health care. Help our farmers to solve the problem. There are also many functional additives on the market, and this type of additive is also more type, like Walker’s products – Fei Yisheng, Walker – Blue Source, Walker – Mei Jia Net, Walker – Mildew, Walker – Walker; cattle to oil premium; large oculid additives; there are many composite additives such as compound enzymes, etc.

For our farmers, it is reasonable, so when we can’t use or use antibiotics, we can choose the right pig farm according to problems they want to solve and prevent. Health products. Combined with the cultivar’s own pig experience, I believe that in the age of antibiotics, you can raise your pig.

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