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Piglets are often encountered in the scale of pig farms, especially piglets within a week, as long as managers have a little negligent or a bit of wind blowing, small pigs The phenomenon follows, and the piglets will not only increase the burden on work and the cost of medication. When a piglet is getting thinner, it will also cause each person’s psychological depression. So prevent more important than treatment.

A new problem in the large-scale pig farm has been a net breeding of the pigs in the breeding house. Many production performance excellent farms have adjusted the mortality indicators of the recycling piglet to 4%. But in fact, many pig farms are still far more than this indicator, and some wind blowing mortality may be as high as 10%, but in lactation, piglets are very normal. This may have the cause of the disease, but it has been harvested to use some programs for this, but there is still other ways?
In the 1990s, the large area of ​​European pigs (PMWs), France MADEC (French French Veterinary Research Office) summarized 20 feeding management precautions, these principles The use of actual production has brought huge effect, and the mortality rate after weaning is about 20% from the peak period to 3% -6%. In fact, these 20 precautions are the basic principles that should work hard in pig production, including: strict whole progress, reducing stress, reducing breeding density, good feeding management. Later, Mike Muirhead ( and the British Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) will simplify the 20 golden laws to 4: limit the contact between the pigs, stress (weaning, diarrhea, etc.) control, good Sanitary conditions and good nutrition.
First, good nutrition has an extra important significance for weaning piglets.

“Weaned” piglet is actually in environmental stress, psychological stress, nutrient stress, etc.In the influence of the reacture, the maximum influence is nutrient stress. Although there are various formula, nutritional balance, the ability to eat solid feed is relatively limited, and the energy and nutrients needed to get normal growth only from the feed, and the body is often in Energy and nutritional negative balance.

On the first day after weaning, the energy content in the solid feed of piglets was only 25% of the intake of weaning, and the first week after weaning, the solid feed intake was increased, but From the nutrients obtained from the feed, only 60-70% of the breast milk before weaning, so a week after weaning is far below the weaning, the growth is slow, the weight is reduced, the resistance is poor, and it is easy to digest. Tao, respiratory tract and other diseases, eventually result in higher mortality, elimination rate, and affect the normal growth of the later period. Moreover, the growth rate of the first week after weaning has a very important impact on the growth rate of weaning until the rain is out. The test proves that the weight difference between 0.9kg after weaning is different to the slaughter, and it may become 12kg (Pluske et al. 1995). Therefore, it is the goal of transition from liquid breast milk to solid feed within 1 week after weaning, and reduces the impact of weaning to growth to minimally, is the goal of each pig producer.
Second, liquid nutrients have a unique effect on the growth of piglets.

At the beginning of the weaning, because piglets could not accurately and thirsty feelings, in order to make the intestinal filling will drink a lot of water, if you add nutrients in drinking water, the piglet will receive additional nutrients through drinking water. A large number of research demonstrates that the weaning pig is immediately supplemented with liquid diet or liquid nutrients, and it is possible to quickly relieve growth inhibition facing wear pigs (Dunshea et al, 1997; Kim et al., 2001;). The “novel amine-based gravis” produced by Habible Biological Medicine Factory, Spain is a liquid nutrient containing lysine, threonine, methionine and vitamin A, D3, E, B1, B6, is weaning piglets and diarrhea. The best growth partner of piglets.
1. The stability of each nutrient component in the aqueous solution is best. The new amine-based gravis has a unique formula to ensure that the nutrient ingredients of their compatibility can have a long period of time and stably (up to 24 months at normal temperature).In contrast, some of the nutrient components indicated by some of the same products are more, but each component is often due to mutual disturbances without maintaining long-term stability, resulting in the actual content of some nutrients in use, has been significantly lower. The product label content.
2. Comprehensively and efficiently supplemented restriction amino acids. When the piglets should be in the milk, the feed intake is often insufficient, resulting in a few restriction amino acids, and adding new amine base in drinking water, which can fully and efficiently add lysine, methionine and threonine to comprehensively improve. The utilization of proteins in solid feed, fully enhances the nutritional value of feed.
3. Complement with key vitamins A, D3, E, B1, and B6. Vitamin A, D3 promotes the development of the mucosal immune system, especially the development of intestinal mucosa immune function, improves the body resistance of piglets to diarrhea, prevent secondary infection; supplementing the rapid decline in the piggy pig, B1 and B6 can prevent piglets The feeding capacity caused by the excitation, stimulating the rapid development of intestinal fluff, improve the utilization of the feed, and reduce the weight loss.
4. The use of ninam base in the weaning piglets. For the pig farm with drinking water drug system, add new aminekiki in drinking water according to the dilution ratio of 1: 500, and boost the piglets for free drinking for 7 days or 10 days. The average daily increase of each piglet per-grade in the test group The control group (no new amine-based gravis) is 50 grams to 70 grams. For the pig farm in which no drinking water administration system, according to the proportion of 1: 100, 100 ml of new amine-based dimension is 10 kg of water, and then with the teaching tank is added to the water ratio 2: 1 to adjust the porridge. Eating, with 7 days to 10 days, the same effect (Zhou Keang et al, 2011).
5. The use of nin-amineli in diarrhea pig. There is a pig farm with a drinking water administration system, adding new amine-based dimension in drinking water according to a dilution ratio of 1: 500, free drinking for 7 days or 10 days, can shorten the course of treatment and improve the treatment. There is no water field of drinking the system, according to the proportion of 1: 100, 100 ml of new amine-based hectiles are 10 kg, then with the teaching tank is added to the water ratio 2: 1 to adjust the porridge to make the diarrhea pig , Even use 7 days to 10 days, equally effective (Chen Meimei, 2011).

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