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Very honor on the March 23, 2019, in Shijiazhuang, in Shijiazhuang, in the Summit Forum, invited the Director of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Harbin Veterinary Research Office And the chief scientist of the new porcine ruthless disease, the researcher Qiu Huiji. Since the scene, he listens to the feature of the Qiu Teacher “African Pig Fever: Challenge and Countermeasures”. It is specially organized as follows, and has been well guided by Dr. Hens. Thank you very much. Specially with all kinds of colleagues, work together, and resist non-disguise.

Hebei Fangtianpi
April 1, 2019

1, African swine fever is a heavy topic, recently I have also reported multiple reports Every report is very complicated and heavy. I am thinking, if our training is half a year in advance, or 3 months, the effect may be better.
2. Treating it to the African swine fever in the strategy to despise it, and the tactics must pay attention to it. The key to understand its characteristics, which strong items are, which weaknesses. Just like the Anti-Japanese war, the Chinese people who are extremely unparalleled will eventually defeat them.
3, African swine fever has a pig, wild boar and a soft three type host, which can circulate in three hosts, or survive in a single host and trigger infection, infection and transmission paths are complicated.
4, African swine fever virus is very unique, the only member of the African swine fever related virus department, the genome is a double-stranded DNA, the size is 170-194 KB, and my country’s strains are around 189 kB, which belongs to a strong consulted plant. Contains variable regions and stabilizers, the middle is a stable region, and both ends are variable regions, and there is a clip ring, which is easy to mutation.
5, this virus likes to survive in blood, feces, etc., is not afraid of cold, not afraid, not afraid of salty. Special acid, alkali (pH 3.9-11.5), even a little salt.
6, ASFV I summarize its weaknesses and short boards, the first is the relatively single, only pigs, wild boars and soft boom infection, the soft fur is only soft and soft, and other soft Does not infection; second, this virus, “there is no possibility”, like an old man “leg feet”, only passAfter contact with infection, it will not be flying. Compared with CSFV, FMDV, its infectivity and communication efficiency are low, and it is very murderous, not gentle enough, and is not compatible with hosts, purifying it is not difficult. If your pig is infected, you must do something wrong during the operation process, help it succeed; third, afraid of high heat, afraid of strong acid, afraid of strong base.
7, ASFV is afraid of high temperature, 60 degrees Celsius 30 minutes, 65 degrees Celsius 20 minutes, 80 degrees Celsius a few minutes, 100 degrees Celsius instantly inactive.
8. There is currently a lot of disinfectant needs testing and evaluation, and the foundation is very good. Only the potassium hydrogen sulfate is effective disinfectant after strict testing;
9. The genotype of the virus is very complicated. my country’s epidemic plants have occurred in Eastern Europe, and the external Caucasus belongs to gene-type type II, Africa. 24 genotypes;
10, everyone must know that the propagation pathway of the ASFV is only exposed to spread, direct (arched biting between pigs and pigs) or indirect (needle, breeding, mosquito bites, mouse mechanical carrying, etc.) , Soft bite, etc. Through the feed, drinking water, wound, mucosa into the body;
11, ASFV found in 1921, in 1957, in 1957, in 1957, the European America passed 5 years, 10 years, Most countries were eradicated in most countries. ASFV has been quiet for decades in Georgia in 2007. In 2017, I passed into the Russian Far East, and I’m from my country’s closer Irkutsk. Finally, in 2018, it has paid in Eden, which has been dreamed of for more than 100 years, accounting for the world. China has more than 50% of China. In 2017, we have attracted our attention, but it seems that there is not alert, and there is no more effective measures and reserves. China’s people ‘s live logistics is very developed, causing a sense of today’s situation.
12, asfv in winter In nature, there is less flow, and there are few people flow. The current recovery of everything is currently in the spring. The relics of the buried in winter will be active as rain water, and the situation will be more severe in the next few months;
13, China There is already a case report of wild boar infection. This is our very worried thing. Wild boar infection means that China has become a natural epidemic source of African swine fever, and wild boar will vicious, and the eradication has increased difficulty;
14. The clinical symptoms of African swine fever are similar to swine fever, Dan Shi and highly pathogenic blue ear disease. Everyone see more, but the spleen is swollen (3-5 times, even more meters). Long) and blood are typical; the death of sick pigs is mostly due to blood vessels caused thrombosis, or the brain is insufficient, sometimes it can be seen;
15, an early detection of African swine fever, using fluorescent quantitative PCR It is the most sensitive, sandwich ELISA and colloidal gold test strips can only be detected when there is a symptom, no symptoms are detected.
16. The epidemic cannot be eradicated in time. The chance of antibodies in the serum is greatly enhanced. The significance of detecting antibodies also indicates that pigs only infect African swine fever, and there is no inevitable connection with disease.
17. African swine dissensions give us a far-reaching impact. The impact of the second half will be more appeared, including the political and economic society, aquaculture, pig layout, consumption habits, and the poverty, pig concepts will lead to revolutionary changes;
18. Non-discovery is more confident to the practitioners, the output value of 15 million, affecting the national planned people’s livelihood, many pigs in front of the non-population, the pork supply is a big topic in the second half of the year, and now take measures in time. The CPI will rise sharply.
19. In the non-population situation, many groups are considering integrated operation. Even if we raise pig people can’t engage in industry, they must be combined with upstream and downstream, have cooperative awareness, at least to do integration with partners, Otherwise, the risk is large;
20, the most fundamental four-character policy for preventing and controlling infections is “early, fast, strict, small”, non-plague, many people have no “early” and “fast”, The meaning is very profound;
21, improve the early discovery capabilities of the epidemic, to release the test resources, only the research department, personnel and equipment are not enough at this stage;
22, European epidemic in Europe, eradication fast There is a close relationship with the national reasonable subsidy policy, it is recommended that the government, commercial insurance is reasonably compensated, and the pig owners will bear, good policies, and the group of groups is the key to eradication of the epidemic;
23, the core kind of pig farm, the place is excellent Pig species, large-scale pig farms, will be the focus of China’s African swine fever prevention and control;
24, to carry out targeted training, letEvery practitioner really knows what is biosafety, the source of viruses and epidemic dynamics, environmental purification, establishing physical barrier, regional barrier and aware barrier, etc .;
25, what is the pig farm? Based on self-help, don’t hold any fantasies, the government can only help you do something, the vaccine will not come up immediately, to take the initiative, in the field, the field must pay attention, take the initiative, early detection, early discovery, early “extraction”;
26, it is also necessary to give the pig’s own basic resistance, and improve the immunity by equilibrium nutrition, improve the environment, Chinese medicine conditioning. Excessive density, air polish, unreasonable nutrition (high energy high protein high), will promote non-population;
27, moderate breeding scale. Non-antique dislikes, the unit is large, the reason is that the big pig farm and workshop will operate more, the chance is large, and there is a wide path, which will help it infected. It is best to separate large units into small units;
28, in front of non-pan, people’s will determination and attitude are very important! The thinking of the boss is the key. Some people meet the dilemma. Some bosses are more courageous. Through employee training, reconstruction facilities, proactive. A lot of pig farms can’t live, just give the other pig farms development opportunities, and the seas of the sea.
29, family farm and small retailholders have a chance to live. Non-virus is fair, and small-scale staff has less smooth flow, biosafety prevention and control has a congenital advantage.
30, encouraged a separated belt outside of the wall of the pig farm, such as gully, wall, green belt, etc. The pig farm must have a wall, and the disinfection facilities should be improved. The purpose is to do not let the virus capture production area;
31, inexperience is like an elderly old man, the legs and feet are inconvenient, if you enter the pig farm, you must use tools such as people and As the carrier, the more striped the surrounding anti-blood activity belt and the buffer, the more difficult to enter the pig farm;
32, sell pigs, introduction, and personnel access is an important channel for the infection of the pig farm. If you enter the pig farm to some extent like buying a lottery, how can you win a lottery? In addition to luck, more importantly, buy more. Buy ten times, buy one hundred times, buy one thousand times, winning the chances of winning. If the pig farm has a number of vehicles, frequent selling pigs, the workshop is complicated, and the opportunity of infection has increased;
33, about feed problems. Select the full price of maturityThe material has been tried, and the 3 min virus is inactivated in 80 degrees, there is no problem. Feed companies must not use pig source raw materials such as blood source proteins, meat flour, and even in some places to find porcine proteins in fishmeal. There is also a reasonable, high salt, high protein, high energy is not conducive to non-anti-anti-control, and the safety of the packaging bag, the safety of transportation vehicles, etc .;
34, through drinking water into the pig Smaller infections needed than feeds, ensuring that drinking water is very important! It is easier to infect by drinking water, do not let the materials and water feeding together, do not use the channel;
35, about feed, in the case of possible case, put the formulated feed for one month, safely It will be better;
36, using drug additives such as lauric acid, cinnamic acid and traditional Chinese medicine, may reduce viral loading, so that it does not reach the infection dose, there is no harm;
37, there is no monitoring and evaluation Drug caution, even meaningless, and may also spread disease. It can only be said that there is no problem with potassium hydrogen sulfate, and the spine is absolutely no problem;
38, it is convinced that one species cannot be completely eliminated by any virus. What we need to do is the most important thing to purify the environment, reduce density, and take correct and effective epidemic prevention measures is the most important;
39, the pig farm wants to seriously reflect on the epidemic situation, which vulnerabilities in the past, check the deficiencies, upgrade hardware, Improve management, the big environment is very important!
40 The technicians are in a severe epidemic in African swine fever, and the existing practices and knowledge are not enough. They must learn and strictly assess the system;
42, for the development and use of the vaccine, can only say I have seen a precedent in the world, an unsafe, hidden vaccine will bring greater damage and side effects on the industry and society, and even add the epidemic.
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