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# PID2854705 {Background-Image: URL (“static / image / postbg / 1.jpg”);} Teacher Liu Dewang, Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, officially engaged in pigs in 1999. He has served as a long-scale pig farmland, with a wealth of large-scale pig farms to produce first-line feeding and management experience. It is now specializing in pig training technology training. Has personal and joint publishing too many individual monographs and professional works.

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The industry is called: Yang Lao Liu

We will summarize the articles of pig old Liu shared, concentrated to everyone to show and communicate! Here, Teacher Liu, thank you and sincere admiration!


1. Where is the weaning piglet digestive function?
2, where is the immunity of conservation pigs?
3, is it long enough?
4. Is environmental factors important to nursery pigs?
5. Why do you have more stress factors for breeding pigs?
6. Is health about childcare?
7. Strictly control the meaning of the pig entering the pork
8, how to reduce the stress harm of the breeding pig?
9. How to make the temperature of the purse?
10. How to maintain the air quality of the boom?
11. How to do a feed transition?
12. How do I do a good job in the epidemic prevention of pork fever?
13. Why do you need drug prevention to the breeding pig?
14. What are the measures to reduce dust?
15. How to shrink the temperature difference between the day and night?
16. Is the original circle? Is it good or size?
17. Why is the frequent drug prevention with pigs?
18. What details should be paid attention to to the postion group?
19. Why is the treatment effect after breeding pigs?
20. Is there anything else to make a clerk?
21, how is the mixture and uniformity?
22. How to choose a pig breast milk?
23, do you want to be limited?
24, what should be eaten every day?
25. What is the advantages and disadvantages of moist material in dry powder?
26, can you eat freely?

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