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What is the payment of pig question 20? What is the payment of conservation?

Now she is breeding, most of them are still using cement ternations, online focus; clearing is a job that needs to be done every day.

Cultivating pigs have nothing to have in summer, but the temperature is low in temperature, but the pig house is closed, and the impact of cleaning to the pig is big.

We know that most of the harmful gases in the pig house originated from manure, such as ammonia gas mainly derived from urine, and other hazardous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, but they are derived from feces; The gas is not generated, but over time, the amount of harmful gas is getting bigger; in addition, the harmful gas produces and temperature is also related, and the temperature is faster, and the temperature is slow.

Maintaining the quality of the conservation, there is less harmful gas generated by the manure, or the short time is short.
So, reasonable cleaning is also a good way to maintain the quality of pig houses.

The first method is to clean up in time; the use of the cutting machine, so that this measure is implemented; now many pig farms have been used to cut the plug-in machine mode, and they will clean the pig house in the first time. .
The second method is to control manure fermentation, such as the use of bubble dung mode; if the urine leakage water, it will delay the fermentation time, and then bind to the ditch fan, the harmful gas volume of the pig house is small.
The third approach is to consider the time of cleaning. For example, in winter, harmful gases in feces are produced, but they are still in the feces, if they don’t roll, the smell is not heavy; but if they are flipping, the harmful gas will be exude immediately; so the time in winter is clear, to be arranged Ventilation time, even if the harmful gas runs out, because these harmful gases can also ran away from the pig house, the damage to the pig is also reduced. So, in the winter, the pig house is closed, you must first ventilate the feces.
Of course, if the design of the pig house ventilation system is reasonable, just as we discussed in frontThe way, the time of clearing is not a matter.

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