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Liu Dewang teacher, Hebei Yanghairi County Vocational Education Center Teacher, officially engaged in raising in 1999 Pig industry. He has served as a long-scale pig farmland, with a wealth of large-scale pig farms to produce first-line feeding and management experience. It is now specializing in pig training technology training. Has personal and joint publishing too many individual monographs and professional works.

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The industry is called: Yang Lao Liu
We will summarize the articles of pig old Liu shared, and concentrate on doing show and exchange! Here, Teacher Liu, thank you and sincere admiration!

1, the importance of sow pre-production management
2. Do you need a reduction before the sow?
3. What is the sign before the sow is produced?
4, which thing is required to prepare?
5. What is the correct delivery order?
6. What should I do if the sow is the problem?
7. How to use oxytocin reasonably?
8, what is the false piglet? How to deal with it?
9, why can’t the piglet cut into the root?
10. How to control the pig concentration of sows?
11. Is there a relationship with umbilical hernia?
12. Why do you want to give the sow to the sow?
13. Which health care method is most suitable for sows?
14. Can the swine fever be customized?
15. Is the small pig supplementation reasonable in the neck?
16. How to determine that piglet is cold?
17. What kind of way small pig insulation is better?
18. Which form of incubator is most suitable?
19, how do pigs prevent brainse?
20,Is the fixed tip work effective?
21, why do you say that the most critical piglets three days after childbirth?
22, how to prevent small pigs from being killed?
23, how to catch the pig’s most powerful boar?
24. Is it necessary to drink water in breastfeeding pig?
25. Why do you have to eat fresh milk after you live?
26, how to make the weakness of the newborn weakened?
27, how to let the pigs quickly learn to eat?
28, what should I pay attention to in the fostering of pig?
29, how to prevent small pigs from happening?
30. What should I do if I do not treat milk?
31 How many ways to give the sow?
32. How many kinds of sow is the sow feeding capacity and method?
33. Do you need to reduce the sow before weaning?
34. How is the piglet time?
35, several weaned methods?
36. What details should you pay attention to before transferring?
37, which method for treating piglet diarrhea is better
38, how to reduce the humidity of the house?
39, how to prevent seepage of piglets?
40, how to prevent low blood glucose in newborn pigs?
41, how to develop a production indicator?
42. Can the sow tire clothing energy?
43, can you grow meat without food?
44, why should we improve the temperature of the room?
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