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Pig Q & A production room 19, how do pigs from preventing yellowsenies?

Piglet yellow spike is a great illness that is extremely harmful. Once the pig is in the case, it is too weak because the piglets are too weak, leading to the serious consequences of the death of the whole nest; so
Prevent yellow The occurrence of dysentery is an important means of improving the rate of breastfeeding pigs .
When the pig is born, there is no antibody in the body, and the invasion of any pathogen cannot be resistant; and E. coli in the yellowsery is often in the bacteria, it is often in the pig’s large intestine. It is more difficult to prevent it.

Prevent pigry yellow dysen, you can start from the following persons:

First of all, maintain the environment, including suitable temperature, humidity, but also pay attention to clean and hygiene, let the pigs come down There is no chance to contact the pathogen;

Secondly, oral anti-diarrhea drugs, inhibit the pathogenesis of a small amount of pork belly;

The third is before eating milk Clean the mother pig breast, and simultaneously squeeze the outermost drip of milk, prevent the bacteria in the breasts;

The fourth is to make the piglets to eat raw milk, because there is corresponding milk Antibodies can resist pathogens;

The fifth is for primary sows, which can be taken in advance; because if the primary sow pregnancy is in the positioning column, then very few contacts Pig manure, it is less chance to produce antibodies, and the antibodies in the primary breasts are not enough; vaccine injection can enhance the sensitivity of sows to E. coli, produce more antibodies;

Sixth Some other sows can be stored, and they can be died after maternal pigs. It can be used to emergency;

Seventh, if you can eat and store part of the sow, it can be Pigged pigs replenish the mother’s antibody.

If there is a yellow sputum after children, the treatment is often invalid, but if the liquid can reduce casualties in time;The reason for the dead pigs in diarrhea is due to dehydration, timely replenishment can make the body fluid not seriously missing; here should pay attention to the water supplement to the piglet is not conventional water, but add a variety of electrolyte hydrolysis, simple supplement of general water It is invalid; in addition, due to the new piglets, they will not drink water, they need artificial snacks or stomach tubes to feed, then they need to work hard.

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