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Pig Q & A category 29, how to prevent small pigs from happen?

Piglet Diab, is a disease that is most likely to occur during breastfeeding. After the white diarrhea is in a week, the symptoms are pulled out of white thin manure, and severe people will become more and more thin. Even the phenomenon of severe dehydration of piglets, and deaths often appear after dehydration.

How do you prevent piglets from doing nothing?

An old field man said that the cause of the pulling is cold, moist, unsanitary, this is the external factor caused by piglet white sputum; white diarrhea is caused by E. coli infection, that is, piglets are not clean. Things, encounter cold and moist, it is very easy to happen. There is also a factor that can cause piglet white, that is, the sow is toxic. If the sow is sick, it may secrete toxic milk, and the piglet is more difficult to avoid.

There is also a situation that is fatty dysentery, is a sow because the feed of feed cannot meet the need for lactation. It will transform the fat in the body into the ingredients in the milk; but this change is not complete, still still The state of the parent fat is maintained, which belongs to long chain fatty acids, and breastfeeding pigs cannot be digestive; the fat that cannot be digested will cause fatness.

We also found that there is a piggyback time of piglets, often is the time of piglets to eat. This is because sow milk is no longer able to meet the needs of piglets, piglets will find new food sources; But piglets don’t know what is clean and nutritious. If there is no feed, then anything will be used as a feed, which may take dirty things on the bed into the belly, which is difficult to avoid pulling.

In addition, when the pig is starting to eat the feed, because the enzyme and gastrointestinal environment of digesting these feeds cannot be digested, the white forming feces will be pulled out, which is often a precursor to white diarrhea and should pay attention.
So, prevent piglets from happening in white diarrhea, to do the following:

First, keep a clean and hygienic environment, let pigletsReduce contact harmful bacteria;
Second, it maintains a suitable temperature, because the temperature is low to reduce the digestive ability of piglets;
Third is to prevent moisture, because moist will cause low temperature of piglets;
four is to keep sows health Prevention of piglets from sows in sows;
Fifth is to let the sow eat enough materials, the resulting milk is as provided by the feed in the feed, reducing the use of its own tissue to the use of its own tissue into quality Milk;
Sixth, it is necessary to keep the refund to the feed, prevent piglets from eating the fungi while eating the fungi, that the feed is not uncomfortable, but also harmful.
In general, it is necessary to prevent small pigs, it is necessary to do all kinds of work in place; piglets do not have white diarrhea, the feeding staff and veterinarians are more relaxed.

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