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How to prevent the pigs in the pig, how to prevent new high blood hypoglycemia?

Neozo pig hypoglycemia is a new-rated pig disease characterized by a large decrease in blood sugar and produce brain neural functional disorder. In the case of poor feeding conditions, some or all of the pigs have been in the past, and the pigs are treated, almost 100% died.
(1) Cause

There are two reasons for the pathogenesis of low blood glucose in newborn pigs.

The first reason is that the sow is not lack of milk or milk; the piglet does not eat enough milk, and the in vivo reserves are too small, and there will be hypoglycemia in the time.
The second reason is that piglets are indigestible. If you suddenly encounter low temperature environments, piglets are unable to digest and absorb the milk, and there will be hypoglycemia symptoms; this reason is that I have encountered in a pig farm for thirty years ago. At that time, the temperature suddenly decreased, while piglets did not heat preservation facilities; there was a large number of unsubstated curd blocks in the pigs after death, indicating that it is not lack of milk.
(2) Symptoms

The disease occurs in piglets 2 to 3 days after birth, often partial or all of the pigs in a born pig. Suddenly, it is not sucking, the hair is dark, the limbs are soft and weak, and the bed is far. Some rapidly died, and some showed brain nerve functional obstacles: paroxysmal spasm, angular bow reverse, limbs straightened or swimming, the eye is fixed, and there is a small amount of white foam in the mouth. Some offend the limbs soft, the skin feels slow or disappears, and there is no reaction to the outside thing, the body temperature is not high, and the body temperature can be reduced to 37 ° C under the symptoms, and finally fall into a coma. The course of the course is generally in several hours, sometimes delayed for 1 to 2 days.

(3) Prevention

In practice, many people are invalid in accordance with the methods described in the book; the reason is not that the method is wrong, but is not Correct; I think the order of treatment is this; first is to improve the body temperature of piglets, put the piglet in warm water at 40 ° C, make pigletsQuickly increase to normal body temperature; then inject sodium lane in piglets; 5% or 10% glucose in the abdominal cavity. Because, the piglet is difficult to absorb glucose in low temperature.


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