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Is the pig question and answer room 11, breaking umbilical and umbilical hernia?

There has been a pig farm. When you have a fatife stage, there will be many pigs that have umbilical hernia. Some pigs are forced to eliminate; we are thinking, what is the cause of umbilical hernia?

Later, when they watched the house, they found a problem that they had a short clip and then used strong.

Seeing this, we have begun to consider whether the hambilian hernia has a relationship with breaking?

When we saw some piglets in breaking the pig, we found a new problem, that is, some piglets have signs of inflammation; here, we believe that the occurrence of umbilical hernia is a broken hill The relationship is because the umbilical hernia caused by the umbilical inflammation caused by the break.

From the Internet, the explanation of umbilical hernia is such:

The umbilical hernia refers to the abdominal hernia that protrudes from the umbilical area. The umbilica is located in the middle of the abdominal wall. During the development of embryo, it is the topmost close to the abdominal wall. The umbili lacks adipose tissue, so that the skin of the outermost layer of the abdominal wall, the fascia is directly connected to the peritoneal, which is the thinnest portion of all abdominal walls, and the intraperitoneal content is easily protrude from this site to form umbilical hernia.
If the pig is broken, it causes inflammation, and the organization of this part is more fragile, it is easier to be broken by the intestine.

Combined with the situation we see, after the umbilical cord is broken, the rope is used, and the blood silt in the umbilical cord is very susceptible to inflammation.
So, for the cutting of the piglet, I recommend natural breakage, or use your fingers; before breaking the umbilical tube, first squeezing the blood in the pig, then clamp with your fingers The umbilical cord prevents blood flow; slowly frusting the umbilical cord with two fingers, making it slow down; this breaks don’t need to be ligated, and there is a phenomenon of umbilical cord bleeding.

About breaking the dish, there is a difference between cutting, cutting and frustration, if it is cut or cut off, it must be ligated, otherwise the umbilical cord bleed, soon will soonDying.

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