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The health problems of the pigs have been hot discussion, everyone is doing health care for the pig, but how to care is a problem! Previous pigs’ choice for sow health products, but what is the specific to the sow health care, what should be kept, there is still a certain understanding! Review the development of pig industry, many pig farms I started to be extensive, do not do health, the middle experiences antibiotics care, with the pharmaceutical pigmentation stage, developing to the current functional product health and relying on vaccine anti-disease in parallel! With the improvement of the level of breeding and the increasing roots of pigs, the rootic health care – protect liver! It has been more and more farmers pay attention to and recognized! Many farmers have also resolved the problems in the pig farm, and have achieved good benefits! Shandong Shandong District Xu, in the process of visiting customers and scale, with many pig farms boss and distributors In the case of the topic of the liver, many people reacted, in fact, everyone knows that the liver is very important, and the liver is a pig farm! However, there is no very good liver product in the market, which can meet this needs! At present, the market popularity of liver products mainly exist of the following drawbacks: 1. The effect is not ideal, or you can’t see the obvious effect! 2, mostly the drug attribute, for the liver that has been scarred, the drug toxicity of the product itself has become the last straw of the dead camel! 3, the effect is slow, the time is long! Good liver products must have the following three features: 1. Rapid reduction of liver endoxin accumulation 2, enhance the existing hepatocyte function 3, repair damaged liver cells in the body fluid of the liver (blood, lymph, bile), Ball is the only body fluid that is secreted by the liver itself, is also an important carrier for the function of the liver! As we all know, the first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, and the realization of many important functions of the liver is also a circulation of bile in the body, such as detoxification, digestive fat, etc. When the liver is damaged, the synthesis of bile is reduced, and the bile is lacking, but there are many problems: digestion and absorption, detoxification and detoxification functions; these problems will increase the damage of the liver, thereby forming a vicious circle! Therefore, the first step in the liver is to ensure the bile secretion of the liver! Bile acid is the main component of bile, extracted from bile, with endogenous bile exactly the same physiological function! The addition of exogenous bile acids can effectively reduce the burden on the liver, quickly discharge the liver accumulationToxins, heavy metals, chemical residues, etc., while bile acids entering the liver can stimulate the synthesis of hepatocytes to secrete more bile, smooth and biliary, reach the purpose of liver and care! Bile acid can also improve the activity of various enzymes in pigs, so that damaged hepatocyte function is gradually recovered, and also gives pig a healthy clean liver! Table 5 Effects of milk energy to some biochemical indicators of piglets: (iU.L-1) Antibiotic group bile acid group IAAAAAAAlp143.52 ± 2.82AALP143.51 ± 2.82AALP143.51 ± 2.82AALP143.51 ± 2.82AALP143.51 ± 2.59157.21 ± 3.58AIAST47.21 ± 4.5642.12 ± 3.45AALT25.49 ± 2.7623.98 ± 3.49AALP149.35 ± 4.01159.33 ± 3.09A

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Bile Acid, 14 years since 14 years, in the market The extensive recognition and affirmation has become a livestock to protect the liver bold leadership brand! I believe that with more and more customers use bile acids, bile acid will solve liver problems for increasing farmers, bring benefits to more and more pig farms! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source. Thank you

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