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Course Name: Agriculture
Suitable for age: 8 months – 0 month
Training objectives: According to the type of dog and the requirements and forms of the shepherd, there are a variety of training methods, but the basic requirement is to move. Let the dog skilled in the training: “Stop”, “Start”, ” ‘to Left “,’ ‘to Right”, “Forward”, “Return”.
Applicable dog species: Shepherd | Scottish Shepherd | German Shepherd | Border Shepherd
Value credits: 10 points
Venue: Animal pasture
instrument: 4 meters of traction rope | Command
University (professional) – professional skills training
training cycle: 60 minutes * 40 times
included in the study plan to participate in the exam
Course content: This section is subject to the content of the program Tips
This section points
The animal dog is mainly used to imitate learning animal technology. Therefore, to be trained into a good animal poverty dog, you must first choose a good piggy, let it follow other animal dogs. The animal’s dog can be used in the shepherd, the cow can also be used in grasce, duck, chicken, etc. Currently, the UK often organizes Shepherd Competition. In the game, the Shepherd must drive 10 sheep than 800 meters into the designated fence or road. Dogs must be concentrated, not messy, skillful, and short spending time. If the dog spends longer in the game, it will be disqualified from the competition for the sheep who don’t listen to the drive.
The first step
The animal husbandry is a dog around the dog around the sheep and gathers the flock. This ability of the dog is related to the breeds and training levels of dogs. Such as Bird Sheepdog, take a relatively broad rounded pastoral, while the New Zealand Shepherd is porn with pear. Young dogs may especially like to go out, which is allowed before the dog is not fully skilled. When it has the ability to go out of animal husbandry, gathering the flock, driving the flock of the flock, we must cultivate the capabilities of dogs in both sides. When you start her training, the dog is coming to the flock, then gradually away from the flock to the training. If it always goes on the right, you can use the fence or fence to limit the right side of the flock, forcing the dog to come to the left or bypass the fence to the left. Training dog “outside” or a greater scope is extremely necessary, especially suitable for the flock far away or outside people’s sight.The dog needs to go directly to the flock, otherwise sheep will be lost.
The second step
After returning a group of sheep, the dog owner used a whistle or the password “again” to redirect the dog away, gather other sheep. Ask it even if there is no sheep target, as long as there is a direction of the dog owner’s instruction, you can also give birth to you. The training of heavy proof must be carried out after the dog has a good response to the password of “returning”. Can apply gestures and baton to collaborate training. In the early days of the training of the animal husbandry, you must see the sheep in the direction of the dog owner commanding the dog. Only dogs are very familiar with and interested in rehabilitation, in order to cultivate their blind skills.
The third step
The dog with strong releys desire is difficult to learn to drive the umbrella. The following methods can be taken, that is, on a narrow road or road around a fence, the road is crowded with a flock, and the dog is difficult to exceed the front of the flock. The dog owner and the dog are driven together behind the flock, and use left and right hand to direct dogs, encourage dogs to drive forward, and consciously lag behind dogs, encourage, and praise it alone to complete the driving task. With the improvement of dog’s ability, the encouragement of the dog owner gradually decreases, and the distance between it is gradually increased until the dog can complete it independently. Occasionally, it will bring a flock to the dog owner.
The fourth step
Guide the guidance skills is very useful to the shepherd, it is a change in intercepting skills. The key to training is to cultivate the “head of the sheep” in the dog. It must be skilled in the password “approach”, “back”, can be trained. When practicing, the dog is waiting for the flock, waiting for the flock to close, as the flock is close, the dog owner can issue a “back” password, command the dog to withdraw from a distance, then wait for the flock Close, then repeat the above process, and stop any sheep only leave. If the dog can’t act according to the password “back” action, a large group of sheep can be used to force it to retreat, so most dogs will eventually be back, and the last most is also unwilling, unlike dogs If you live, you will have a long time, the dog owner wants to urge the flock to travel forward, and you should call the dog to the side, and it is unlocking it to the frontier of the sheep.
Fifth step
Dark dogs usually like to separate or release some sheep from a group of sheep. The well-trained shepherd dog, once the requirements of the dog owner, will soon fullyRow. The young dog needs to be completed after training, and when training, the dog owner is opposed to the shepherd, and a small group of sheep is clamped in the middle. As the flock moves between people and dogs, the dog owner moves in the direction of the dog’s direction, and the password and gesture of “coming” will encourage the dog to cross the flock to their direction. Move, such a person’s dogs, separated the flock, after several such exercises, the dog can understand the requirements of the dog owner, quickly and accurately to separate the sheep.
Sixth Step 6
Focusing on the Collie to complete its work, but also to make the dog learn to bravely confront, witness to punish the sheep provocation. Brave confrontation means that dogs must be directly guarded, delineate their activities or let them do not act under “loss control”. When the dog is attacked by “head sheep”, it must be able to defend bravely and defeat it. The culture of confrontation should be from small cultivation of dog confidence and techniques. When shepherd reaches 6 months, the reorganism will take the dog close to a weak lamb, the dog will find that the lamb is afraid of it, and it is impressed. Then, the dog dog pudoked to the lamb, flew, thuged the lamb. To encourage dogs to bravely bite the neck of the sheep, put it, to cultivate the confidence of the dog to defeat the laugh. Don’t worry about the habit of the dog to form a chaotic sheep, as long as it is in time to train, especially in the early days, the dog learned “stop” attack, it is to understand the meaning of “self-defense”.
Seventh step
The arrest sheep dog learned to arrest the ewec or lamb, but there is a certain danger. Do you need to cultivate this capability of dogs, there are different opinions. For dogs that are gentle, with good arrests, the dog should be encouraged to catch sheep according to the password. The dog usually bites the fur of the mother’s herbal neck and is entangled until the training firm rushes to catch the sheep; it may first turn the ewec to the ground, and then hold the arrival of the waiting guide. For the lamb, there is a skillful dog often lighter the neck of the lamb or pressed the lamb with the limbs. Some dogs just started to grab the back of the sheep, but there is no need to worry, in the repeated arrest of the sheep, dogs Gradually master the skill, soon, you can correctly grab your help for your assistant. If the dog caught the sheep during the training firm, it should be released in time, and the breadth to prevent bad habits should not be trained to catch the sheep.
Eighth steps
Catch catching up to catch up with the management and gathering of the flockSome varieties of dogs, very happy to rush to the flock, chasing super or drive the flock to leave, some dogs are more difficult to do this. The training of catching up is a bit similar to driving, just the shepherd and dog owner left the flock far, and the dog should have “advancement”, “arrive”, “coming” and gather the work of the flock. When training, the dog owner first accompanied the shepherd dog together to catch up with the flock, and then the training gradually reduced the chase until it can catch up independently. After the dog chased the flock, you can start training the dog’s dog to drive the ursun or leave the dog owner to the designated position, so that its shepherd’s ability is further improved.
Complete the cultivation of group dog synergistic work capabilities If the number of dogs management of the dog is too large, it is necessary to cultivate the ability of the dog to work together. When several dogs work together, they must make them act according to their own passwords. Before you send a dog, you can call the name to cause alert to the dog and wait for the command, and each dog has its own stop signal. The ability of this capability uses experienced shepherd with puppies to train, the best results. Dogs have been trained by the above steps. After all of them are proficient, they can actually work, and they are carried out in the actual shepherd.
1. Cultivate the dog execution command “Sit”, “stand” or “going to bed”, “advance” or “reach”, “keep up” or “leaving”. 2. The shepherd dog should be accustomed to the name, especially when a few dresses look at a large group (500 or more) sheep, to make the dog understand, after listening to the name, the next command will be performed. 3. Cultivating dogs According to the password “come”, quickly come to the side of the dog owner. 4. Cultivate dogs according to the password of the dog owner, “to the right” action. 5. Application gestures and baton combine password repeated training, so that the dog will eventually be executed in accordance with a single instruction. This is beneficial for a long-distance command. 6. Cultivate a dog’s ability to gather the flock. When the fellows of the flock, the dog owner can turn around, back to the dog and the flock, sending a “walk near” to the dog, encouraging it to rush to the flock to come to himself, this is also consolidating Dogs have a good opportunity to practice “to the left” and “right”. 7. Once the dog is concentrated, it is necessary to be particularly cautious, if it issues a password to “stop working”. 8. The dog owner must have great patience and confidence. When the dog is successful in the exercise, it is necessary to give a reward, avoiding the dog get tired or annoying. Dog masterIt is not good to stop training. The key to training is to cultivate the dog’s interest and enthusiasm for the shepherd, don’t worry about the shortcomings of the practice. Trial
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