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Chicken disease is complicated, and you must ask before you see a doctor.
There is a lot of drinking water, the snoring cough is heavy.
Observing the feces should be carefully, anatomy is fully fixed.
The diet is not a chicken, and the diet is not low.
Nasal shed tears of the original body, wet cough, bacillus disease.
If there is a strange call, the viral infection has been heavy.
Normal feces gray on white, and the color of the sauce is not sick.
White-green dreeping duel, color red is cocci.
Lime slag feces, and kidney is to distinguish.
Yellow-white green pizzar, E. coli is quite heavy.
The swelling is a large intestine, and there is also flu and edema.
If the foot is scaled, there is only a flu non-it.
There is also a new disease, and it is difficult to catch a lot of polishing.
The manure is similar to the intestinal symptoms, and more than 20 days ago.
Cabinet gastric stomach is spherical, and the muscle stomach is gold fusion.
Don’t misdiagnose the disease, glandular gastritis is early.
Don’t do a seedlings, otherwise it will be impatient.
The diarrhea is enteritis, screaming, high-ranking.
Breast muscle muscles bleeding, and Faishu cystic disease considerations.
After coughing, the ignition kidney, the kidney is always early treatment.
Three-point gland’s new city disease, chick paste the anal chicken.
The eyelids are swollen, and the rhinitis is not relaxed.
There are a lot of birth, and antibacterial antibacterial is indispensable.
The throat bone cough is sputum, and the bad branch should breathe before the neck.
The green handle of ovals is also long, and the Salmonella bricks chicken.
The fallopian tube has a water, which is bound to the ghost.
Ovulating into belly antialamaria, E. coli is the main criminal.
If the peritoneal inflammation occurs, the flu virus is engaged.
After the neck, I hit the star, see this symptom.
The chickens need to learn more, and the disease is also mutated.
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What is the symptom of chicken, what is the disease, chicken and a cough? Is it sick, chicken paste is disease

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