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Looking for a dog to reveal my home lost a sausage dog, brown, and the hair is very pure. Lost on August 30th. The family is very anxious, the name of the puppy is a small tiger, living in my family for more than a year, very cute. There are too many dismisions and sad. I hope that there is a good person to see or have a puppy, please contact the owner, thank you for your stay. Below with the small tiger (sausage dog):

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Contact: 13621286898 Contact: Gao Mr.

I am very loved on the dog, my family’s small sausage is not very Pure, but very sensible, very cute, the day before yesterday is lost, it is very likely that some people have stealing,
is raised from our family, there is more than 1 year old, since the loss, family is very painful Every time I have a good meal, I am afraid that the puppy is wronged outside. I hope that there is a love person to help find it. Some kind people in Beijing have to pay attention to it, thank you!
The puppy name is a small tiger, likes to eat Shuanghui ham, give it a dollar, it will buy it. Very cute, there are two spins behind the butt.

The younger brother is here to thank you for help find! Lost, hope, Beijing Haidian, good people

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