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1. Umbilical cord care, prevent umbilical cord inflammation umbilical cords, is the “bridge” of the placenta, and the “channel” and lifeline of the fetus absorbed nutrients. However, in October pregnant, the melon is risking, the doctor must do the first thing to do after birth, that is, cutting the umbilical cord. Newborn umbilical cord nursing three principles: 1. Keep dry, avoid wipe it with a small cotton rod when taking a small cotton rod, and then use 75% of alcohol and gently wipe the root of 10 and twice daily. 2. Avoid stuffing, disabling creams, emulsions and oils to apply the root of the umbilical tape to prevent the umbilical cords to not be kept dry and even cause infection. 3. Avoid friction and infection, avoid friction with the roots of the umbilical cord, resulting in red, or even bleeding. Otherwise, the lighter causes inflammatory supplement that causes umbilical inflammation, and the heavy people can cause diseases such as newborns, neonatal sepsis and so on. When Yak was born, the umbilical cord was pulled, and the disinfection scissors needed to use the sterilized scissors to break the umbilical umbilici, and squeezed into the umbilical cord, and then use 5% to 10% iodine. Soak disinfection 1 to 2 min ligation, remember that the hair of the cord root should be completely infiltrated. Soak again after 12 hours. 2. Clear the mucus, refuse to get into the amniotic fluid, prevent the baby’s birth, etc. Refreshing to the mother. Now the ranch is relatively clean. After the yak is born, the veterinarian is also cleaned up with the mucus in the nose ear, naturally drying or drying body mucus, rarely wiped the calf with a clean towel or disposable paper towel Clean. 3. Physiological indicators Inspection of newborns include: measurement of height, weight and head circumference, detect body temperature, respiratory frequency and heartbeat frequency. In addition, doctors and nurses will monitor newborns’ skin and activities. After the baby is born, the doctor will take a blood of the baby. Because the baby’s blood sample is an important basis for diagnosing a number of diseases during birth, it helps to take timely treatment. After the calf wiping, it is generally weighed, and the ear is scream, takes pictures, and builds a tube, then put it into the sterilized yak. At this time, although it is not possible to treat your baby, the veterinarian also needs to observe the various physiological indicators of the yak. 4. Breastfeeding, improve the body’s immunity, after the baby is cleaned, finally can eat the first most nutritious meal, the early milk is the mother to give the babyA precious gift, not only rich in nutrients and antibodies, which is beneficial to the baby’s health, to resist disease, but also build intimate contact with my mother as soon as possible. Breast milk is the most precious gift for children and promotes pure breastfeeding. 1. Rich immunogenic factor, like to make the newborn baby first vaccination; 2. Low fat and sugar content, high protein content, more easily digestion and absorption; 3. The growth factor in the raw milk can promote baby Intestinal development helps prevent allergies and tolerance to certain things, reducing allergies; 4. The oligosaccharides containing lysates are higher, and there is a slightly discharge, which is conducive to the tires to discharge, reduce gallbladder Rurine content, reducing newborn jaundice. Baby breastfeeding, “three stickers”: “Three chest chest, abdomen, baby mouth cavity new mother breast”, “three early”: “early stroke, early sucking, early milk”. The new yak is not included in any antibody, only from the colostrum. Dairy high-quality colostrum is rich in nutrients, especially the IgG content, and the new yak can be absorbed in a short period of time.
Feed the colostrum, first ensure the quality of the ravage, IgG ≥ 50mg / ml is good; after the yak is born, fed as soon as possible; third, enough feeding, completed the first feeding within 1 hour 2-4 liters, it is best to feed the sputum 2-3 times in 24 hours, with a total amount of 4-6 liters so that the yak has adequate immunity.牛 母 讲 定:,,,,,,,,,,,, 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群Feeding, do not feed fermented feed, do not feed ice water. 5. The comfortable living environment will give Baby a good living environment, a separate small bed. Baby’s room should be sufficient, air circulation, winter should also be guaranteed twice a day. The temperature of the room should be maintained between 22 ° C and 25 ° C, the air humidity should be around 60%, if it is winter, spring is more dry season, you should use a humidifier to adjust the humidity. After the yak left the house, they entered their own yak, the soft and comfortable, the pads were thick, and the ventilation was dry, and winter was cold in winter. 6. Pay attention to the baby’s defecation every day, observe the color of the feces, traits.
It is observed by the color of the baby to see if the baby’s body is healthy: the fetus is discharged one or two days after birth, the color is very dark, the shape is like asphalt, the smell is almost odorless.If the baby is breast milk, the color of the defecation is pale yellow or green, the shape of the ointment or water, the odor is sweet, sometimes mixed with granules or mucus. If the baby is drinking milk, the color of the defecation will be yellow, gray or light green. If you usually feed the baby with parent and milk, the baby’s bowel color will be yellow, yellow green or gray. In the 2 weeks of the yak, diarrhea is most prone to occur. Diarrhea will result in poor growth and death. Therefore, be sure to prevent health care, not treatment. There are many reasons why yak diarrhea, including nutrient, environmental sanitation, stress, etc., including bacterial infections, parasites infections, viral infections, etc. Infectious factors. Do a good job in preventing the health of the gastrointestinal flora, enhance the yak immunity, prevent diarrhea. 7. Guarantee daily necessities should be healthy, safe baby clothing and suffering should use cotton products, clean, diapers and disinfection, and wash your little fart. If the baby is drinking a form, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the bottle. It is best to prepare a few bottles to ensure that you can use the milk every time you eat milk. Clear feces in the column, change the grass. The bottle, sink, and tank used by the yak, sink, and brush. 8. Some health care precautions baby and go out to dry the sun and cut the nail. After cut, check if there is a square angle or sharp place. If there is to trim to be smooth, so the baby will not catch myself when it is swaying. . Take a bath, the water temperature for the baby is not too high, should be guaranteed between 38 ° C to 40 ° C. Don’t casual nostrils, because the baby’s nasal mucosa is very fragile, it is extremely vulnerable. After 2 weeks of calf, the calf and the pagoder
go to the corner, and it should be swayed in the corner. It is easy to cause yak disease and death; over-theiencular growth is not completely long. Out. Commonly used marginal methods are ironing and awareness. Go to the second pagou, first clean and disinfected around the vice tits, then gently pull the secondary nipple, use the sterilized scissors to cut out the secondary nipple base, then 5% iodine is disinfected. 9. Baby refuses to use antibiotics, moms are often good for physical organs and functional development is not very perfect infants, antibiotics may become a fatal drug:
1. Make bacteria in the baby Pharmacularity enhancement. 2. It can kill a good bacteria in the baby, leading to disorders of healthy flora, affecting the growth and development of the baby. 3. General antibiotics have poisonous side effects, damageBody function. 4. Reduce the baby’s body’s immunity, therefore, doctors recommend the use of probiotics products, maintain baby intestinal flora balance and health, little or non-antibiotic drugs. At present, there is a disease in the yak, and the pasture is still more antibiotic therapy. Caring for the health of the calf, supplement probiotics, prevention, refuse to use antibiotics!

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