Magical use of brown sugar water in chicken

Recently, there are customers asking Li Chen. When I enter the seedlings, I am afraid that the chicken is caught in the transportation road. Can you give chicken some ginger red sugar water? Of course, it is, ginger red sugar itself is the role of cold blood. Today, let’s talk about the use of red sugar water in the chickens, especially this winter.

First, the chick is transferred to the breeding room, first use 5% ~ 8% brown sugar water with vitamin C drinking water, then open, after 3 days, can promote the absorption of yolk, reduce the disease, Improve feed conversion rate. It can also be done after 12 hours by opening for 12 hours with a hunted binofess agent.

Second, the chicks have experienced dehydration and spiritual depression after the transportation of long-distance trains and aircraft. After arriving at the destination, let it drink 5% ~ 10% brown sugar water, can quickly restore physical strength while improving the defense ability, and reducing mortality. If you drink 5% ~ 10% brown sugar water before long-distance transportation, avoid or reduce the incompatibility of long-distance transportation.

Third, chickens, broken, transform feed can lead to poor development, egg yield, decrease in immunity, decrease in blood disease, and increased morbidity. In the chicken traveler, break, transform feed, 2 ~ 3 days before and after immunity, 10% brown sugar water can prevent the immune function due to stress, anti-stress, adjustment body fluid balance, stimulating appetite, supplement nutrition, Accelerate chicken recovery and improve production performance. In the cold winter, drink 5% ~ 10% brown sugar water for the chicken, can also play a role in cold, chemical stick, and stomach.

Four, when chicken, Chicken Bai, Escherichia coli, coccidiosis, etc. In normal medication, drink 5% ~ 10% brown sugar water, drink 3 ~ 5 The sky can form a protective film in the intestinal tract, reducing the stimulation of the toxic substance to the intestines, and reducing death. 5% to 10% of brown sugar water during nephris, while using an auxiliary drug while using an auxiliary drug.

Five, when the chicken has a drug poisoning or feed additive poisoning, a drug-toxic drug and additive immediately, while allowing 10% brown sugar water, drinking 3 ~ 5 days, can effectively relieve Symptoms of poisoning, matching the application of vitamin C better.

The above is the application of brown sugar water in the process of breeding. I hope to help more chicken friends.

Li Chen recommended to make a bunch of fermentation bacteria, fermented live bacteria to balance the strain, promote intestinal absorption and improve feed conversion, reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs, and improve the growth rate of chicken. Chicken body immunity, reduce the ammonia odor of the chicken.

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