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There will be some unique things in the market. The following list is listed in a relatively mainly used reference, although not necessarily all, but it is also a common: 1. Promoting the digestibility because the digestive tract of the dog cat is short, and the time for food is not long in the digestive tract, so the formula must be Adding feed additives that can promote digestion, and the feed additives used are efficient, low-residual, and no side effects, no side effects, generally use silkland essence to promote digestion and absorption, and reduce the smell of excretions, each The amount of feed manufacturer is impossible, and the feed reduces the efficacy of the excrement odor followed the propagation of the joined silk. 2. Naturally, the natural raw material is pure naturally refers to there is no hormones and drug residues, vegetables, and cereals without insecticides. Do not add any artificial chemical components (such as artificial pigment, artificial flavor, spices, etc.) during the production process. This food can be distinguished from the color of the finished product. Natural, non-artificial pigment feed, color is generally brown, the more meat, the deeper the color, and the oil is light. (Note: High fat content is not easy to vary, appropriate fat ratios can promote the absorption of various nutrients, which will not form fat deposition in vivo while meeting nutritional demand.) 3.MEGA 3 & 6 unsaturated fatty acid self-experiment Omega 3 & 6 unsaturated fatty acids have special effects on animal fur health. Many feeds have been marked with these two fatty acids, which have different sources of extraction. Its main effect is to promote hair growth, make Mao’s bright and full of health. But we said Omega 3 & 6, the more, better, but pay attention to the addition ratio of both, different fur, different periods of nutritional demand, and good feed formulations will control the proportion of each time. 4. Enhance immunity and disease resistance now newly enhanced immunity recipes, in fact, only add some substances that contribute to immune reinforcement. Some formulations will explain what special effects have been added, and some have added various antioxidants, which can also achieve the effect of enhance immunity. The silkland plant extract has the effect of thickening the intestinal mucosa of the animal, prevents the invasion of certain viruses, inhibits viral, harmful bacteria to the nodules of the digestive tract, and inhibit its proliferation in the digestive tract while reducing animal emissions ammonia gas Concentration and endogenous ammonia, reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases and avoid the caused animal nerve systemDisorder. Of course, professional feed formulations have to overcome many technical difficulties, so they have to achieve all kinds of roles, and their cost is definitely low. So we have an old saying that it is right: one point for the price.
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