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Vaccination Guide: This is a seedlings! On the occasion of the immunization of fur animal vaccine, in order to guide the majority of breeding colleagues to do a good job in vaccine immunity, ensure the excellent vaccine immunity, our company has concluded problems in the past year’s vaccine immunity, and Wang Guangda fur farming colleagues have attracted attention:

First, the use of vaccine
1. “Vaccine” positioning: vaccines are only used for healthy and animal epidemic, is not sick, and vaccines cannot be used.
2, select safety, efficiency, vaccine officially approved by the number; can not use three no (no production plant name, no production facilities, no national approval number) products; vaccine Registration work (time, quantity, vaccine name, vaccine batch number, manufacturer, etc.).

3, carefully check the vaccine transport before use, is stored correctly (canine disease, fox, frozen preservation, mink viral enteritis, vegetative vaccine, pus sterilization vaccine, botulinum Clostridosis Inactivated vaccine refrigerated storage), if transported, stored errors, resolutely unable to apply.
4, carefully read the instructions before using the instruction method or the veterinary guidance application method is used to immunize, do not understand the manufacturer immediately.

5, dogwood Do not use a vaccine for more than 2 hours or repeatedly freely prepared for more than 2 hours.
6, canine disease, enteritis can be immunized at the same time (Qiluhong Green Enteritis can dilute the dog’s population vaccine a needle immunity), but should be injected separately.
7, individual animal immunization vaccine rapidly emerges with allergic symptoms and other allergic symptoms such as mouth, should immediately use dexamethasone / adrenergin or the like (1ml per fox / 貉 / 貂 1ml) .
8. The needle should be replaced in time to avoid cross-infection during vaccine injection; try not to use the needle of 8 # or more to avoid the increase in bacterial infection.

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