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518 Relief Information Network News: Strengthening the feeding management before and after cows, there is an important role in the production of milk, health and calf growth. Before the cows are delivered before and after childbirth:
1. For the origin of dairy cows, wash their hips, vulva and breasts, and tail with bandage and is formed on one side. Replace the clean soft pads and keep the environment quiet.
2. It is necessary to drive the dairy to stand up as soon as possible to reduce bleeding, and it is also conducive to the reset of the reproductive organ. For the anti-uterus, it can be pulled to the cows for about 15 minutes, and gradually increase the amount of exercise later.
Pay attention to the discharge of the fetal wead, still does not fall off through 24 hours, and the treatment is reserved. Take care of the discharge of the lochia in the turtle, and deal with the deago clocking phenomenon in time.
3. Dairy cows will feed warm bran salt water soup to supplement the loss of moisture in vivo during delivery, increase the abdominal pressure, and benefit the discharge of the gout.
4. In the first few days of calving, if the milk cattle breast edema, the milk of the high-yield cows cannot be squeezed, otherwise it will cause the fine blood vessel leakage, blood calcium, blood sugar due to the significant decrease in the internal pressure of the breast. Loss, further exacerbate breast edema, causing birth to high yield cows, and even cause death.
Generally, only 2 kg is squeezed on the first day of postpartum, and the amount of calm milk can, 1/3 of each squeezed amount per squeezed on the second day, 1/2 of each cruising amount of milk per time, 4 days later, it can be squeezed. For cows, there is no edema in low-tech breasts, the day after calving, the milk can be squeezed.
5. After the cow, it is advisable to feed the warmth of herb and brown sugar water.
500 grams of Yihara, 10 kg of water, decomposing 500 grams after decancing a water agent, 1 to 2 times a day, 21 to 3 days, and have a promotion of milk after milk. (518 farming technology network)

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