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Guidance on-site management, we are out of the need to manage the sows divided into different stages, in fact, to sow itself It is said that the process of the whole life is continuous, and does not understand this manager will pay the price.
1. Three nutritional requirements of breastfeeding sow

Generally, the nutritional requirements of breastfeeding sows should be used to consider the function of sow, lactation, and re-breeding. It is best to have a total need for a total of three aspects.

A) Maintaining the need: In most cases, the breastfeeding sauce needs 2 to 2.5 kg of birth by 2 to 2.5 kilograms per day. Young mother pigs in the first child need to give L kilo feed as growth. At temperatures below 15 degrees, increase the amount of feed.

b) breastfeeding is required: milk production is the main function of lactate sows. It should be remembered that the standard of choosing the mother pig is the ability to produce and feeding these pigs.
In lactation, the feed volume is determined in the amount of milk. There are some factors that affect the amount of milk, including: sow weight and mammal pig number.

The general principle is that on the basis of maintaining the amount, the breastfeeding sow should be added according to the number of pork heads (0.4 kg of breastfeeding pigs). Therefore, a sow is a pig with 10 pigs, and 6 kg of lactation feed should be provided. The calculation is as follows:

Feed diet (kg) Maintain 0.4 kg × 10 head 2.0 lactation 4.0 Total amount 6.0
However, the amount of feed can be increased or decreased according to the sow. If the sow is very poor in childbirth, or a lot of breastfeeding, the physical condition is deteriorated during breastfeeding, it must be free to eat freely.
Manufacturers remember that there will be the best feeding at 18-21 degrees at temperatures in 18-21.
c) Re-breeding requires: The third nutrition requires that breastfeeding needs to prepare for the next breeding. The three-week batch production was carried out in 21-28 days of dry milk, requiring the mother pig 5 weeks after childbirth. The sow is the nutritional need for the next breeding, and we cannot only see as simple and separate nutritional needs, should be seen as a continuous event. To achieve 2.4 fetuses every yearIndicators, sows must maintain health. It is necessary to provide a sufficient feed to the sow throughout lactation to ensure that the sow has a good physical condition and love.

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2018-1-16 09:24 Upload Because many nutrients have been saved by the sow, the lack of nutrients in the diet will show it immediately. The nature of the sow, the first task is to take care of the pig, which will use many nutrients that have their own reserves. Therefore, before the next child, any problematic diet is impossible to check.

Second, the five management guidelines for breastfeeding sows

Guide to the feeding management of lactating mother pigs:

1) Barley is a wheat that is used in Europe and the United States Class crops. When using barley as the main cereal, the diet should contain 15.5% to 16% crude protein. If the primary grain contains higher proteins, the amount of crude protein of the diet should be slightly higher than 16%, and to ensure the amount of amino acids. For lactating trains, lysine is the first limit amino acid, and proline is a second restriction amino acid. Protein additives are required in the diet. Please teach nutrition experts to test the amount of protein in your grain.

2) The nutritional requirements of the protein are not reached, in particular to limit amino acids, will affect the amount of maternal pigment. After childbirth, although the sow increases milk, enough breast milk is not available to a small pig. In addition, it is common, although the sow is produced normally, the sows are deteriorated and healthy. The first breeding of the sow is not easily injured in the weaned milk, and it takes time to supplement the consumption in the body. The first breeding of the sow in the weaning will affect the economic benefits of the entire pig farm. This is not only to affect how many pigs per year, but also affect the production life of the mother pig.

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3) The sow needs to take a certain amount of protein, salt, and vitamins every day. So full price day grainThe nutrients and concentrations of intake should be considered. For example, if a sow takes 0.72 kg of crude protein, crude protein accounts for 16% of diet, then the mother pig should eat 4.5 kg of feed. If each kilogram of 10 units in the diet, there is no need to meet the needs of 55 units in the diet of 4.5 kilograms per kilogram. Therefore, it is necessary to allow the sow to take more diet, or change the nutrient concentration in the diet.

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4) Keeping a comfortable location, sows can eat more feed. Too hot environment, sows reduce feeding capacity. Remember to ensure that the birthplace of childbirth should not be too hot, and the small pig rest area should be insulated. Repeat once, the breastfeeding sow will have the best feeding at temperatures in 18-21 degrees.

5) In the breastfeeding phase, if additional fat is provided in the diet, it will benefit from those sows that have great potential milk produced. Different from the post-pregnancy, breastfeeding sows should eat as much feed as possible. Therefore, if adding oils in the diet increase the energy concentration, increase the amount of food intake only, and we know that the energy should match the protein. Again once, if the energy concentration is increased in breastfeeding, the total problem is not necessarily solved. High production level sows requires to increase the intake of all nutrients.

For the nutrition and management of sows, you only know the deeper, you can truly understand the true meaning of pig pigs: the nutrients and comfortable environment matching pigs are the safeguards of the sow can be produced.

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