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Are you engaged in the chicken industry?
Do you have a dream?

Are you tired of going to the hospital every day in addition to the visit?
Do you need to learn a platform?
Do you need a team?

If you have long

far away, do you know the situation in the current industry and the future development trend?

The current industry is sluggish, many companies have resigned a large number of technicians and business people;


The sales model is outdated;

Nethematically Become an irreversible trend;

Chantu farming has been serving netizens all over the country, and gets the recognition of nursing netizens;

Do you know


If you want to change, heart, you want to serve more users;
Manguang farm has a platform for you,

Let you upgrade yourself on this platform , Develop himself, achieve

I am in the industry;

come to the company’s technical teacher one-on-one training, let you enter the working state;

Let you not Will be eliminated in the industry, the forefront of the future,

As long as

You have a certain technical experience,

As long as you are good at communicating, there is a responsibility,

Then come here!

If you have a gallbladder, you will come to you!
Elite Hotline 18749255969 Zhu Zihua teacher

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