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Seeing the days of the New Year getting closer and closer, it is often a farmer to make money. Especially some southern regions, do bacon sausages, pork consumption demand, and pig prices also rose.
Many places are affected by African swine fever, the pigs in the stock have decreased, and the pork demand in the year is large. How long does it take for a long time, it will form a shortest situation. As long as it is in short supply, then it is good for farmers. At that time, the initiative is in the breeding household, and the pig price will inevitably rise. In terms of now, many places have broken through 8 pieces, such as Chongqing, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, etc., pig prices have been relatively high. The money in these places must be a lot of money. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig prevention …)
How can you raise your pig? Here you should pay attention to you here.
The first is to use a good species. Variety of excellent morning matters is generally more fast than late maturing, saving feed, and high slaughter rate. Production of fat pigs using hybrid advantages, is an effective measures to improve your fattening effect.
The second point is scientifically feeding. The quantity and quality of the feed and the reasonable match of the diet are affected by fattening effects, especially the level of protein in the diet. Generally speaking, from weaned to 50 kg, the content of crude protein should account for 15-16%, 50 kg, and the content of crude protein accounts for 12-13% of diet. In addition, the content of crude fibers should not exceed 14% of diet. The article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)
The third point is a reasonable group. After a group of breeding fat pigs, after a period of personal differences, there will be size and strong phenomenon. Press the size of the pig, and the strength of the strong bracing is a necessary measures to save feed and accelerate your fattening.
The fourth point is a suitable temperature. In the summer and autumn quarter, the temperature is too low, which seriously affects the weight of pigs, generally 3-5% lower than the spring and autumn quarter. Therefore, in the summer, we should prevent exposure, pay attention to ventilation; pay attention to the pig house insulation in winter, and pay attention to the pig’s light, so that the pig is fully resting, facilitating pig growth and fattening.

The fifth point is in a timely fertilization. Small premature varieties, the weight of the plan is small, and when the weight reaches about 40 kg, you can start flooding; large late maturing varieties, plan for saleIf the body is large, you should start the pork to 50-60 kg. Premature flooding, will be wasting the fine material, and it is not a big fat pig, and it is not economical too late. In general, when the pig is expensive, the hair is bright, the skin is ruddy, and the phenomenon of sleeping, it is a suitable fertile period.
The most important reminder, although the price of pigs rose, but farmers want to make money, there must be a pig to go out to go out. For example, now there is a stock of farmers in your hands, you can find a way to give pigs, catching the pigs in the year before. So how do you give pigs? Here are a few secrets to pigs, the farmers can understand. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)
Pig-raising ruster secret recipe 1: egg white, breeding experience is relatively rich farmer should listen Over, the egg white can treat the stiff pig, the method is used, and the effect is still very obvious. The same breeding households use eggs to give pigs. Each pig is injected with 5 ml of egg clear, 5-7 days after it is injected once, it is said that the effect is remarkable.
Pig porply recipe 2: Feeding citric acid, adding a certain citric acid in the feed, helping to promote the feeding capacity of pigs, and improve the intestines of pigs. Pig should want to grow quickly, you must eat more, feed utilization rate, while citric acid can increase pig’s feed and feed utilization.

Pig pork, the secret recipe, three: feeding feed additives, now there are many feed additives, why sell the manufacturer of feed additives? Mainly a good fever feed additive can really achieve the effect of gain weight to the pig. Adding the feeding additive to the feed of pigs, pigs are booming. When a farmer is selected by the feed additive, you can choose the Weiye Xidong Fengtang, the high-efficiency engine, non-toxic and no resistance, and the fatigue is fast, and the quality of pork is improved, and there is no side effect. Not only can you lose weight to pigs, but also increase the digestibility.

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