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Primary Escherichia coli disease

1, usually the cultivar is disinfected, or it is either adding, or disinfecting is not thorough. In particular, when the chicken western humidity is dry, E. coli will reach the airbag and lungs by the upper respiratory tract by the upper respiratory tract, and the blood is fully circulated, and the hemata is circulated. Package liver.
2, do not listen to the medication programs from the pharmaceutical plant, use antibiotics, so that the intestinal flora is imbalance, producing E. coli, causing peritonitis.

3, the egg vertical propagation: the chicken is affected by ovarianitis, fallopianitis, and the seeds are contaminated by E. coli, and the chicks are expanded from the abdomen. The navel is not full, and the yolks are absorbed.
4, the contamination of E. coli during hatching: mainly due to the disinfection of the incubator and disinfection is caused by E. coli contamination. 5. Due to a large number of Escherichia coli during the environment, when the chicken is egg, the external temperature is relatively low due to thermal bleeding, and the eggs are contaminated in the surface of the eggshell.

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Secondary Escherichia coli disease

1, broiler, life disease, usite, often causes peritonitis symptoms.

2, viral diseases: infection in viral diseases such as avian influenza, new city diseases, branches, laryngosus can often provide Escherichiae to provide portals invade the chicken body. 3, chicken bodensions: The destruction of the upper respiratory tract mucosa has opened the invasive portal for E. coli.
4, Aspergillus: Yellow Bacteria and Tobacco Moth, especially tobacco infections provide an invasive portal for E. coli.

5, chicken house management: Because the chicken house is not well ventilated, the ammonia is too heavy, triggered with the tear of the tears, nasal, cough, etc., the chicken tender tract is damaged, E. coli organic can multiply more serious.

Treating Escherichia coli can be used in a USAmoxicillin, Murin contains the most sensitive ingredient of E. coli, absorbs fast, strong wearing, and quickly eliminates the liver balloon inflammation.

The etiology of E. coli, the solution of Chicken Escherichia coli, chicken bag heart liver airbag

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