Matterns’ daily care

u=1489184329,3057759847&fm=26&gp=0.jpg For friends who keep lion lion dogs, especially newers, learning about the daily care of Chow Chow dogs is still necessary! For example, we must know that steel silk comb is not suitable for people to use, improper use Very large damage to the hair follicle. In addition to combing hair on time, you should often trim the hair and toenail of the foot.

About the care of Chow Chow dog

  • If it is thick, it is rich, rich , Straight, not protruding, the hair is close to the body. The surface of the surface; the bottom is soft, dense, similar to wool. The little dog is soft, thick, and the whole body is similar to the wool. The hair was formed around the head and the neck formed a thick rogue-like mane, which lined with the head of the Chowns. The male and tassels of the male dog are generally longer than the female dog. The hair is a feather shape. Obvious modification is unacceptable. Can trim beard, feet, and post-bone moiety.
  • Short hair:

  • In addition to the number and distribution of the outer layer, the criteria of the short mooring lion is basically the same as the coarse muck lion. Short Pine lion has a hard, dense, smooth outer layer, and the bounded inner layer of the boundaries. There is no obvious rogue or feathered hair on the legs and tails.
  • About the introduction of pine wool and hair

As for the plowing quality and hair of the Chow Chow, the blood and innate conditions are the main determining factors. It is very small to rely on the day after the day, but daily management and the climate in the area are studying well. The weather that is too moist and stuffy will cause the skin and hair follicle; too dryness will produce a large amount of static electricity, so that the outer hair is easily broken, so good nutrients and appropriate temperature and humidity control are quite important.

The sort of the Chow Chow’s timing is necessary, and the tool used is the most suitable with natural brown comb. It can minimize the generation of static electricity. When the hair is combed, you should start from the bottom, and a layer of comb is combed. This kind of carding is about two times a week. If your ponchie’s plowing is fine, you should choose some items that can “lock” moisture, or you can use products such as “hair cream”.

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