Matters need to pay attention to indoors

u=2737914017,590233103&fm=26&gp=0.jpg For the owner of the dog, the dog’s dog is rapidly increased, but it will still have many housework. Xiaobian will tell you the benefits of indoor raising dogs and the precautions of dogs in indoors.

First, the benefits of indoor raising dogs

1, enhancement to each other: indoor raising dogs to facilitate domestication It can make the dog as a relationship between the family. From morning till, you will be able to grasp the dog’s habits. Dogs are not easy to have a feeling.

    2, dog health is guaranteed:

  • Indoor raising dog is first based on dog health. Outdoor frequent wind, rain, snow or sun exposure, temperature, humidity, etc. have changed dramatic changes. If the dog is sick, it can discover the dog’s condition. 3, make mistakes and timely corrections:
  • Dogs are different from people, and then the dog is missing, telling it, dogs can’t understand. Indoor raising dogs can be detected in time, when the dog wants to do bad things, it will correctly correct the guidance, it will understand.

  • Infant Immunity: Finland research found that there is a dog in the house, the baby is less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases and ear infections, and help to improve the baby after birth Immunity.
  • Second, indoor raising dogs

1, dog fixed-point toilet: To teach dog fixed point In the size, otherwise, the family will really be stinky. If you don’t have patient or no time to train, you must have psychological preparation to handle it everywhere.

2, Environmental Home Cleaning:

    Many people who raise dogs often have troubled furniture floors, clothes trousers, and more people, and more people create nose or skin allergies. The phenomenon, especially the season of pets, the situation is more difficult.

  • 3, dog lack exercise: Many owners love dogs, including in their mouths, holding in hand, afraid of falling. The dog protects too good at home, lacks forging and resistance, and the dog’s health statusRepeated red light.
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